My name is Kathleen Rountree, and I am a quilter and fiber artist - AND a University music professor !  This year I am living in the beautiful North Carolina mountains since I am on sabbatical from my University Professorship in the San Francisco Bay area.   After this year, I expect to spent a part of my year in NC, and part in California - two fabulous locations !  

I have made quilts since I was about ten years old, and I love it more each year.  In the past several years, I have focused on wholecloth quilts made on antique, embroidered table linens.  I have been honored to win prizes and ribbons at national shows.  

Please visit my NEW WEBSITE:  kathleenrountree.com

 I LOVE to share my work, and my passion for using linen and lace in creating works of art.  If you'd like to invite me to present, teach,judge,  or demonstrate, please contact me at kat525252@yahoo.com.


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