Sunday, April 2, 2017

New Projects !!

Hello and Welcome to April..............

Spring is a really really busy time in the Professor business,  but time has been found for a bit of quilting here and there. 

My quilt, Annabelle's Wedding Feast, has been busily touring the AQS Spring shows - first to Daytona, then Lancaster.  Later this month it will go to Paducah, and then come home.

So - I have started two new projects...  here are some peeks...  they are not far enough along to show fullsize photos yet...  just closeups...............  lots more work to do...  but oh how fun it is to be working on a new project !

and, something in a different direction:

(the white lines are just marking pencil, don't worry.

Stay tuned, and we'll see how these turn out !


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why Was February So Short ?

Goodness, what is happening...  February is over ? 

Let's see what I have been doing..................

               Marie Laveau's Garden Gate was hanging at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival !
and Annabelle's Wedding Feast was a finalist in the AQS Daytona show !

Way to go, Ladies !

Meanwhile, I've been doing some fun quilting with scraps and strings - power sewing:

 Used some neutral leftover strips to make a neutral kids-size donation quilt -  I like !

Crumbs and more crumbs !  And turquoise - now got to get this quilted.

Fostered a darling little kitten named Garrison - he was a stray, living on the street, so needed lots of socializing... he is now ADOPTED - hooray !  Tomorrow he goes to his forever home.  Good luck, Garrison !

I'm also working on two show quilts - and have a new experiment on my design wall... fun, fun !  Stay tuned for pictures of those sometime soon.

Quilting Away,


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February ???? Really????

OH my goodness................ how can it be February ???

Wow - what a fabulous month it has been... let's see...............

My quilt "Annabelle's Wedding Feast", was exhibited at Road to California !!!!
And I want to take a moment to say HOORAY to the people who run that show...  they are just fabulous...............  the show is just gorgeous, and they are so prompt and good to the quilters who enter quilts - they always keep us informed of when our quilts are shipped, and pack them up beautifully......... I really appreciate it !!! 

Now Annabelle has been shipped off again - she is collecting her own Frequent Flyer Miles........ cause she wants to go to Hawaii next summer.  For now, she is a finalist in the AQS Daytona Show, and then the AQS Lancaster Show.  She is also entered in AQS Paducah, but I haven't gotten word yet whether she will make finalist in that show.......  I won't see her again for a long, long time...

DH and I had quite a lovely trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles to the show.  We stopped at a Western-themed area in Kettleman City, and found this:

 and a vast assignment of tacky signs:
 and an example of really bad spelling !

Do you see the misspelled word?  I think they meant to paint SUPERSTITIOUS !!!

oh well...  can't get it right every time !

I got to go sew something fast - February is a short month  !!!


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