Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Shake it Up !!!!

The Quilting Professor is gonna shake it up a little .  Actually, a lot. 

*  After 24 years as a Dean or Vice President , I am choosing to transition from administration to a faculty position.  It's been fun, but I want a different balance in my life now, and this is a first step toward retirement. 
*  Next year, beginning August 1, I will be on sabbatical leave.
* I will spend the year in North Carolina, near the city of Asheville.


This is a plan that was hatched many years ago, but was scheduled to occur about 5 years AGO...  Well, it's finally TIME !!!

So -here's my little oasis in the southern part of the Blue Ridge mountains.  I'll be in that first house up the hill, looking out the windows on that lovely green park, sewing, sewing, sewing. 
Now - sabbaticals, contrary to popular belief, aren't ALL free time !  So, I do have some academic goals to accomplish.  First, I shall learn to play the piano again.  I have neglected that skill for too long, and it will take regular, disciplined daily practice to refresh it.  Also, I will be designing some courses that I will be teaching after the sabbatical.  I'll talk more about that another time.

The moving truck is scheduled for July 26.  Oh my word, I have a lot to do. 

I hope to keep my sewing machine operational until the very last second.  Therapy, you know.

Kate, aka Kathleen

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