Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tiny Bits of Quilty Deliciousness

Hi all...

Have you seen this before?  This is a closeup of my work on the pattern "Omigosh!"  by Sue Garman. 

 I don't have all the squares done yet...  all the squares with the green 9 patches are finished, but I am still working on the Monkey Wrench blocks... it's really fun, but oh the pieces are tiny, tiny..
The big section on the right is all sewn together.... now I just have to keep going to make it bigger !!!

I wonder why I like doing these detail quilts with all the tiny pieces............  but I do, so no need to wonder............

To close, a rare moment of kitty love.  Our kitties rarely cuddle like this... but this photo was taken on New Year's Eve, and it just doesn't get any sweeter than this, does it? 

Happy Chinese New Year !!!!

Keep Quilting........... surely one of us will complete something soon  :)


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Da Judge -

Good Morning............

I am off on a new adventure.   I'm gonna be DA JUDGE.

A few years ago I took an NQA course called "Introduction to Quilt Judging".  Mostly I took it cause I wanted to enter shows and win RIBBONS . 

Well - CHECK.  I won some lovely ribbons over the years since.

Now I want to do some judging.........

Well, if you're a quilter, you know that NQA , National Quilt Association, closed its doors.  Sigh. 

But, there's a new sheriff in town, as they say:

The National Association of Certified Quilt Judges.......... NACQJ.

(now just chew on those letters for a while)...

So - I am setting off to complete the requirements to be admitted to CANDIDACY.   I must fulfill the following:
3 full-day experiences assisting on a judging floor, one with a certified judge.
serving as a judge in a show with at least 30 quilts.....

OK, here we go... 

I have been working my email contacts, and with some help from the NACQJ people, I have my full-day experiences all lined up.

Now to find an opportunity to serve as a judge in a show with at least 30 quilts..............

Stay tuned....................... adventure ahead !


Sunday, February 7, 2016

The "Goings On" in My Quilty Life

hi there........... come on in and sit a spell..............

My life is still a bit complicated, so I am just quilting for therapy.............. and when I quilt for therapy, I cut up scraps, I assemble tops from orphan blocks, I make tops with crumb blocks........

Therapy quilting is great for scrap management.

No. 1 is not an inspired effort -  but it did use up 13 crumb blocks...... maybe it will be better when it is quilted...

 No. 2 is assembled from some old, old Lotto blocks.  This was assembled into a top more than five years ago, and has sat on top of a bookcase waiting for quilting - finally done !
 The last one is just a top - crumb blocks used up , hooray !  I like this one, and am eager to quilt it up. 

In other news, I have decided to apply for certification as a judge, you know, for quilt shows.  I think it will be fun.  The first step is to apply for and get accepted as a candidate.  To do that I have to volunteer at three quilt shows to help with judging, and have to judge a show of at least 30 quilts.  I started setting up the volunteering, and already have one, maybe two situations set up with shows this spring.  I have no clue how I will get the judging with at least 30 quilts, but I am just going to forge ahead and trust that it will all work out.  

Mystic says hello - - I was quilting, and he snuggled into the quilt, and it was a photo moment !

Night everyone !
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