Monday, May 20, 2019

Yippee and Yippee Again !!!

Hello - -

Life is good for the Quilting Professor.............

First off, it's Commencement Season in the world of Universities.  As an administrator, I have to go to ALL the Commencement events.  This weekend I saw more than 2000 students walk across the stage and get degrees.  In one morning I shook hands with about 900 of them, and I smiled and said "congratulations" until my cheek muscles hurt !!!  But it is all good, every foot-aching part of it !!!

Secondly, my quilt title "Annabelle's Wedding Feast" came home with a ribbon AND a prize check !

Here's a photo of the ribbon on my kitchen table:

Quiltfest Lancaster, a Mancuso show, had a "throwback" theme... and allowed quilts to be entered that were past the usual 3-year time limit.  Annabelle has won several ribbons before, but she was aging out of competition.  I was so thrilled to send her out again -

and, speaking of "throwback" - what could be more in the spirit of throwback than a quilt made from a piece of linen that is probably 80 or more years old!!!

Here's a photo of Annabelle herself (sorry if you are tired of seeing her, don't tell her or she will get her feelings hurt)

There is a THIRD reason the Quilting Prof is real happy, but this post grows long now, so I will save that for another post - -

til then,  quilt on !


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hands2Help Spring Harvest of Quilts

Hello Everyone - - -
Oh it's so fun to see everyone's quilts all linked up on Sarah's blog to celebrate the successful conclusion of another Hands2Help initiative.  If you haven't seen them yet, pop over to HERE to see all the linked up quilts.  Congratulations, Sarah and everyone who is participating !

I made four quilts this year.  Let's see...

First up is a quilt made from some denim I got free from Cone Mills in North Carolina MANY years ago...... originally I had boxes and boxes......... now i have about half that much still .  Mixed with some cotton, it makes wonderful manly quilts, or great picnic-type quilts or teen quilts.  

 Film at Five is one of my favorite internet patterns.  It comes from the website called Wedding Dress Blue, and is easy and fun.  I varied the outside border just a bit from the original pattern.

 Number 3 was a no-show on photo day - a sweet little baby quilt, also a long-time UFO that I finally threw a binding on and called "done".

And lastly,  this one better go to someone who likes BRIGHT.  I made the squares around 20 years ago and hated them.  finally I decided i had to bite the bullet and make the quilt !  Hopefully someone will find it cheerful.

The first three have already been mailed to Quilty Hugs, and the fourth will go in the box as soon as it has had a trip through the washer and dryer.

Good work, Sarah, for all your work on H2H - and everyone for making such fabulous quilts !

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