Sunday, January 25, 2015

SLOW Progress !

Sometimes, progress is slooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.

I continue to work very hard on this piece, but it is still not finished.
So - what on earth have I been doing, you might ask???  Well, let's see.
I have been working on the stitching on the white center...I put a design in the center, and am scribbling and pebbling around it... about half the center linen is done.

then I put some parallel lines on each corner - I love parallel lines.

I did all the scribbling around the feathers - that looks really dramatic now, makes the feathers pop !

 The outer border has been a lot of work, but it's turning out nicely.  I went over the grid lines with the darker thread to give it definition, and I have some dark, tiny beads, and will put one at each intersection...  pls ignore the blue stuff - that's just marker that I need to wash out... I sprayed it, so its partially gone, but it will take an immersion for it to be all gone !

So - here I am, sewing away !   
Soon this will be ready to square up and bind - how cool will that be??
Happy Sunday afternoon,

Friday, January 16, 2015

Are We There Yet ???? Pea Soup Anderson's

Driving, driving, driving...................

We drove from San Francisco to San Diego, and then back.............

Mostly it's all on the same road - the famous I-5, or, as it is known in Los Angeles, "THE FIVE"...  through California's Great Central Valley... that feeds all of America...

Productive - yes... Interesting?  Well, not so much.

BUT THEN - - a sign - -

50 miles to PEA SOUP ANDERSON'S  .....  well, wowee, why didn't you tell me?

25 miles..................10 miles....  and then, finally.................

Actually, believe it or not, its a CHAIN - - a PEA SOUP CHAIN !!!!

 And, as the placemat assures you, there's one near you !

So - what do they sell?
Well, according to Wikipedia, they sell 500-600 GALLONS of split pea soup DAILY !!!!
and a whole bunch more 'comfort' foods.
And outside there's a big windmill you can see from far away................

The soup............................ green, isn't it?
 the obligatory 'kitschy' stuff:

 The "pea" jokes:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Swear - - the Fabric Yelled at Me !

I swear, this piece of linen just jumped up out of the linens bin and screamed at me...........

and then I went to the bin of possible underlayments, and there was this gorgeous soft raspberry colored fabric that seems to be perfect. 

Well, when the linens scream at me, I just have to switch into "GO" mode...

So, after building a feather "bed " for the linen to lay on, I've pinned it down... next tobaste, then  sew it down.

 Look at this gorgeous detail................... yummm

 I found a nice design to stitch in the center, from a Dover design book..

what a fun thing to work on this good Saturday afternoon !


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Celebrating a FINISH !!!!

 OH, Oh ,  OH
It feels sooo good to finish this !!!!

It's named Sonoma Sunday, because we love to ride up to Sonoma on Sunday, see the wine country, and have lunch.  It reminds me of beautiful sunny days.

This piece was a true labor of love, because the original linen was so completely gorgeous... 

Mystic says "what's all the fuss about"...  he's having a bad hair day , don't you think?

Well, now, let's go see what else I can find to sew on !!!!


Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Bonnie Hunter Carpet Line

Did you know Bonnie Hunter now had a line of carpet ????

No, you say ???

Well, lookie here at my den floor - isn't that a lovely rug?  Kitty thinks so...  it's about 2/3rds quilted...  one thing I love about quilting on a sit-down machine is I can take the quilt down and work on it a bit at the time - I have a phenomenally short attention span, so this is good !

Kitty plopped down on this and had a flashback of her Kittenhood  -  here she is as a 4 month old kitten, on the partially pieced top of this same quilt !!  TWO YEARS AGO, AND NOT FINISHED YET - UGH

oh look - more Bonnie Hunter carpet:  this is in my sewing room - it's not fully installed yet !!!  Oh my, there's a hole in that corner... 
 As you see, I'm having a UFO Christmas - one of these is the Bonnie Hunter Mystery from TWO years ago - the other from LAST year !!

And no, I'm not doing this year's mystery - maybe I'll be caught up by next Christmas and then I can do two at once !!!!

I'll let you know if I finish any of these - you can alert the media !!

Kate,              having a wonderful quilty holiday..


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Project for Christmas Eve

So, let me begin by saying 'Merry, Merry Christmas", to all who celebrate this holiday, and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate another holiday.

DH and I and the furry ones are having a quiet Christtmas... we'll have a bit of company and a bit of travel in the next week... but today and tomorrow we have declared "do whatever you want"  days !

I talked DH into cooking something simple - so we'll dip back to a dish we loved when we lived in Louisiana - and feast on crawfish etouffee !!! 

So - what's a quilter to do?  Well, why not dig out a UFO and focus on that?  So - in a corner, in a bin, I have been keeping an eye on this:

It's a Bonnie Hunter pattern - a Mystery - maybe last Christmas??? 

So here's where it gets interesting - I have all the little "parts" - but no more completed blocks...


I have always admired quilters who make all the blocks, and then assemble the quilt... no, I make two or three blocks, sew them together, make some more, sew them together... I just can't wait to see the top coming together... 

So let me go see if I can remember how to make the last three blocks...  I did find the corner and setting triangles... 

A good cup of coffee will certainly help...

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Little Trip into Town

Tonight we went into town......................

I grew up in the country, about 7 miles from "town".  I went to a 'county school' - not the "town school"... 

The 'town' kids were richer, smarter, more advantaged...

And went we 'went to town', it was a big deal - the grocery, the hardware store, the five and dime, maybe an ice cream, maybe the clothing store.... always buying just the things we couldn't raise, barter, or 'make do' without.   Mostly we ate from the garden, or from the hog or pig we butchered.

Town was a typical, southern small city with fewer than 20,000 people - with a hospital, a Lipton tea factory, a newspaper, you know, small town America....

Well, a lot of water has gone under the bridge....

And now I "go into town" in SAN FRANCISCO !!

And I have decided I love my adopted city...

So let me share some holiday photos of "town"...while you sing "I Left My Heart .... in San Francisco".... 

What a great TOWN !!

Merry Christmas, everyone..


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