Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hi everybody - 

I spent yesterday at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara... a fabulous show.

I took a class on "Drawing for Quilters" - we played with color, and markers, and tearing up paper...  oh, it was so stress-releasing... I need more of that !!

For some reason I was not in the mood to take photos -  and only came home with three photos - - so here goes:  I am sorry I don't know who made this, but I thought it was unique and different - which is hard to find sometimes at a big show like this.

Here's the Best of Show - for some reason I didn't get a full size photo - the close up detail was so amazing, I just got closups, it seems !!

and here is my own little quilt (yes, the same one !!  it gets around)
It was a great show !  And well-attended - and I think it's still going on !!!! 
I got to go sew something   - right away !


Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's a Quilting Weekend - Yippee !

I do love a quilting weekend.  I have no reason to go anywhere this weekend - DH is doing the shopping and the errands, and I have no appointments or meetings...

So, here we go sewing and sewing.........

These are my blocks for "Sarah's Revival", pattern by Sue Garman.  Well, I got to the end of the patterns, and was four blocks short - so I had to copy out the patterns, pin them to the blocks, figure out what I was short, and then get new patterns...  sometime I get very frustrated at my lack of linear process... but, oh well, I'm back on track now...  have a few more to go !

Mostly I worked on this linen quilt

I have completed all the edge stitching, around every flower, every cutwork hole, yep, all of them..

Now I am adding detail...lots and lots of detail... so fun  !!!!


Unless I lose my sanity , I'll show you this next after I have stitched down the rust colored fabric - can you see on the circle at the left it is flat?   yep, stitched down... got to do ALL those little cutworks that way - yep, there goes my sanity... for sure.

Ooh, honey just said "come here, we have to trim the cat's nails"  - - OH BOY !

got to run... life duties.

Have a good weekend,


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Obsessively Tiny Piecing - - How Fun !!!

Hi all, and happy Saturday night !!!

It's snowing in the California mountains, which is good, good... so I am a happy happy lady....

I've been playing all day... on this tiny block:

That's a five-inch block... and all those small squares are 1/2 inch...  cute, huh?   It's the first block of a quilt called "Omigosh", pattern by Sue Garman.   I'll show you how it looks as I go along... probably not going to finish it right away !!!!
Kitties helped  lot today with the quilting...
Miss Bit ironed some charity quilts.  She has to sit on them a long time to get them nice and flat!

I'm not really sure how this is helping, but Mystic found a little space in this basket, which used to be brimming full of tops waiting to be quilted, and he snuggled right down !!!!  A nice way to spend Sunday afternoon...

and, believe it or not, DH ironed on a plastic bin of scraps that I discovered recently.  I had shoved them in a bin the last time we moved - these scraps are seriously wrinkled after four years of being crammed in the bin !  But oh they look lovely after ironing !!!!
Can't wait to see what I can get done tomorrow...
Happy Quilting,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Well Just Knock Me Over With a Feather !


Happy Dance!!!

I am tickled pink

I am soooo amazed..............................................

My quilt "Elizabeth's Legacy" won a prize at the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza - which is open to the public right now. 

I know you guys have seen it before, but in case anyone is coming to my blog for the first time, here it is , one more time:  

I got a message this morning that I got a "Best Machine Quilting" prize... I can't , can't can't believe it.   


Wowee...................  this is a first  -   and a fabulous.

OH BABY, I wish I could see it......................

If anyone reading this is going, please send me a photo !!!! 

OH BABY, I can't wait to open that box and see that ribbon!  (I'm told the check comes separately).

Oh I am just so pumped.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Certifiably Nuts.................... I Admit It !

Well, this is a Kitty post...  about Mystic..........

You see, he loves to climb - I mean he LOVES TO CLIMB

From the first days we adopted him, he wanted to climb on everything - so we bought him a cat tree, and he went straight up it, oh so happy. 

But one day repairman came and put up a big ladder in the living room.  After doing some work, he took a break... when he went back, he called me, 'come here, please'...  it turned out Mystic had climbed his ladder, all the way to the very top... the man was soooo amazed..........

So - this weekend, we built Mystic a gym...................

All it took was a stepladder and the leaf from my dining table...  which we never use to eat on !!

Up he went to the next to the top step................ but he couldn't get on the top.............

he tried and tried..

 finally.................................... hooray !!!

 oh, he was so tired, he thought a little nap would be good !

Do you think the ladder matches my d├ęcor?  Let's see, early Home Depot???? 

How do you teach a cat to put his toys away ??? 

no, it can't stay there all the time........... just occasionally.

One day we need to build him some high catwalks and steps and fun stuff............

Bye from Mystic.......


Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Last Scrap of Virgin Stash

Well - I wonder if using the word 'virgin' in my title will mean a bunch of ne'er do well teenage boys will discover my blog !  Oh boy won't they be disappointed...

I finished up this little charity quilt today, all made from blocks from the 2.5 inch square block. 

and as I put the final binding on it, I noticed it - virgin stash...

See the bright grass-green blocks?  they are in three or four places ? 

Well, that's the first piece of "stash" fabric I ever bought.  And this is the end of it, ten years later.

I was living in Greensboro, NC, and had just gotten back into quilting after many years of not sewing at all... I took a couple of classes - and I learned about having a "stash" - wow...  and I discovered my LQS, a great little shop called "Randy's Quilt Store".   Randy's had great sales... 

I also learned that one could buy fabric on eBay - and I bought 9 yards - 3 yards of green, 3 of blue, and 3 of orange.  And that was the beginning of my stash !   The blue went first, then the orange.  And now, farewell to the green............... you served me well.   And it sure has been a good ten years!

..... don't worry, I have plenty more in my stash now...  :)  I got real good at stash building........


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Working Along

Sometimes I get so frustrated reading blogs - everyone seems to have all these FINISHES to show...


Well, I plug along on some of these linen projects - they take a VERY LONG TIME...

like this one...I've really been focusing on this, trying to get it all joined together so I can take out the pins.  I love this piece, a Madeira tablecloth that I found on eBay, on a piece of Dupioni silk - I just love love the color of that silk.   The first step is to stitch around the edge of every leaf, and outline every vein... 

 Next I will go in and stitch down the brick colored fabric - that takes forever!!!!  Then last, do decorative stitching on the ecru... Stay tuned - this is going to take a while !!!!

Meanwhile I have some other fun, quicker projects... like this sweet charity quilt, made from blocks I won in a block Lotto, and all quilted and bound...

 and then, while cleaning, I discovered a lot of these spikey squares below - I think they were left over from a Bonnie Hunter Mystery - so I put some novelty fabric in the center, and made some cute little blocks - - and yes, that cat tail on the right is real !!!!  I have no idea where these blocks will end up...


So - color me busy quilting - having lots of fun, even with those long-term projects...
If you are at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza next week, stop by my quilt, say hi, and send me a selfie with it !! - - how fun would that be...
Happy Wednesday,
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