Sunday, October 4, 2015

Progress !!!!

Hi there - how about mostly pictures today, and not much talk?  That's the mood I am in.

But I am really starting to like this linen piece... still more work to do, though...


 if you notice some 'poofy' places - in the corners - those aren't done yet !!!!  once upon a time the whole thing was poofy - - I'm getting there !!!!
enjoy the rest of the weekend !!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sewing Up a Storm !!!

Hi all...  cool temps have returned, schools have reopened, and I have had the opportunity to spend several weekends sewing to my heart's content !!!

Miss Bit has decided that the ironing board makes a great kitty bed - - interferes with my productivity, but aww isn't she cute there...  (ooh my ironing board is grungy)
 I have been working on two quilts for Christmas presents....  first is this little 'kitty' quilt.  The center blocks were leftover from another quilts, so I just made the ladder blocks to go with it - I'll show you more when it is finished...
 Second is a little kit from Connecting Threads... This was on a 40% sale, so who could pass that up?  Just the fabric was a deal - but I decided to actually make the quilt, and it's really cute...  many triangles, but that's ok sometime....  I should be able to get this done by the holidays.....
I've also been quilting up some charity quilts, including this one made from crumb blocks.  I was gifted a giant stack of crumb blocks, which I worried about ever using.  So I put a triangle on each side, making a square in a square, and took them to a retreat - and said a little prayer that people would sew them up - AND THEY DID !!!!  I think I will try that technique again in the future when I get a big pile of crumb blocks !!!
Well, that's my quilty action...  I am sitting here today looking at my "big" projects - a linen piece, a couple of detailed quilts - and somehow I am just not in the mood................ oh well, another day I WILL be in the mood...  won't I ????

Happy Sunday everyone - hope you are ready for another busy week !!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Little Calendar Centerfold

Hello  readers -

My kitty Mystic is going to be a CENTERFOLD !!!!

We entered his photo in a kitty photo contest sponsored by the Maine Cool Adoption agency in Oakland, CA.  And he got named KITTY SEPTEMBER !!!

This is the photo that will be in the calendar.  He loves to climb - and a ladder is just his most favorite favorite thing !

I must admit that he DOES take a fetching photo:

Mystic on a BAD HAIR DAY


 Mr. Bedroom EYES

YEP - that's my little furry boy - 

can't wait for the calendar to be published...

and yes, we have ordered one for all the uncles and aunts and sisters and brothers...  this calendar, after all, is a FUND-RAISER for Maine Coon adoptions !

and, yes, this very gorgeous kitty was once a little homeless kitten - he came from a family who was evicted from their home, so all the pets had to be adopted out. 

What fun these two kitties bring us every day !!!! (yes Miss Bit is a little jealous - - we will have to do something special for her very soon)


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fun Adventures in Quilting

Hi there - well, my summer travels finally ended (but were fabulous)...  and I've found some time to get back to the sewing room.

Remember this little quilt??? finished earlier this summer?

Well, I'm trying something like that with black batting instead of white.  First I copied a pattern and enlarged it, then sewed that onto organza and black batting.  Next, I removed all the paper, and cut away the excess batting, leaving this:
 Well, it really wasn't all that quick... actually, cutting away all the excess batting took forever and and a day...  but it makes a great travel project - just snip, snip...a bit at the time.
 See all that yucky white thread????  Well, that's wash-away thread... so it will disappear. 
Now to quilt around all the designs, and free-motion in the spaces.  Fun?  yes............ Quick?  not so much...........

I'll be back to show you progress as I make some....

Happy last days of summer to everyone,


Friday, August 21, 2015

Let's Talk About Crumbs !

Hi all - 

I'm here today to talk about CRUMB BLOCKS !!!!  Do you have a stack of them somewhere?  They are so fun to make, but they tend not to find their way into quilts...

I took a GIANT stack with me to a retreat last weekend - and before the retreat, I sewed triangles on each side to make the block into a square in a square................

I hoped that would make the blocks more easily usable - giving some solid for the eye to rest, and making it able to make a quilt that looks like its on point, without having to sew an onpoint quilt, which is just a little bit more challenging...

Well, let me show you some of the results... various ladies chose from the stack, and made these kid-sized quilts...........each block is 9 inches. 


and, finally, just one shot of the lovely hot air balloon we saw in the morning, on the lake.  Great retreat !  Great ladies !  Great quilts.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer !!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Here, There, and Everywhere !!!!

oh hello my blogland friends...

I do apologize for having been so long without posting...............

I've been traveling....................first I went HERE:  for a business meeting in Washington DC... fun, fun, but HOT, HOT


Then DH and I, along with my sister, spent a week, HERE:  yes, that's a photo of Alaska - that's a gorgeous fjord called Tracy Arm, near Juneau - we saw mountains, glaciers, whales, we ate crab and shrimp, we caught salmon from our front yard........... it was WONDERFUL !

And, on Friday, I'm off to HERE:
yes, that's Lake Tahoe...  and I'm going to a quilting retreat ... FUN,  FUN

so - I'm well, happy, busy, and having fun !!

What more could a girl ask for ????

not much, I think.

take care,



Sunday, July 19, 2015

Progress and a bit more Progress

Hello everyone - hope you are enjoying a nice summer !

I have been sewing like a woman gone mad -

Significant progress on this white linen quilt.  I am trying to get the structural work all done, and then will go back and do detail work.  
 I love this design - so big, bold, and fun to stitch:

The center design has a lot of 'over/under dimension to it...

 and there is still lots of cross-hatching to be stitched down !!!  That seems to be taking forever, and  as you see, is not finished yet !
Overall, though, I am very pleased with this piece, and enjoying seeing it move forward !
Oh - before I go - Mystic wanted to say hi -  He is chillin'................

Enjoy all the stitches !!

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