Monday, August 19, 2019

Making a House a Home

Wow, there's a lot to do to settle in.............  but I found time to take a couple of photos.

The view of the Blue Ridge, off my screened -in-porch:

 and a friendly squirrel who seems to live in the tree outside my sewing room:

One step at a time !!!

Kathleen (aka Kate)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Moving, with Cats

Well - you may wonder if we got moved to the East Coast ???? YES

We are moved,  two humans and two cats....... small miracle.

We decided to fly because everyone agreed that 4-5 days of driving would be just too stressful on the cats, and too many risks of getting loose or getting hurt or sick.

So, god bless Delta airlines, we all flew........... but it was a BUMPY ride !

Flight day dawned, and we all started with a little group yoga session, thinking good thoughts about calm journies through the world of TSA.  And, in the cages they went !

 My little girl "Bit" was going to be the calm one, I knew it.  She is brave and trusts us to take care of us.  She will be fine.

 You can see the stress on Mystic's face.  He is a sweetie, but doesn't react well to change.  I worried that he might bolt at security and run off never to be found.  I tried hard not to let them see my nerves.  Breathe in and out, slowly.  

We knew the TSA screening would be tricky - but when we turned the corner in the TSA line and came face to face with DOGS - sniffing DOGS ---

The dog handler looked at us and said firmly - Turn ARound.  Go Back the Way you Came.  And suddenly there were three security agents escorting us through security ...
We all got through, thank goodness, but my computer got left behind............  

On board, here we go. 

DH was sitting quietly in his seat, when suddenly, Sweet Girl Bit reached out and clawed him, and he looked down and saw THIS::::

oh m goodness, a breach..............she had chewed through the leather mesh on her cage.  She was totally determined to get out, and was making progress !  the rest of the flight we had to stick our hand or foot in that hole to stop further escape from happening !

After the flight, we all spent a night in a lovely Drury Inn in Atlanta.  As you can see, Mystic was completely comfortable, lol.

Pretty soon, a day later, we were all driving up the mountain to our new home.

And now kitties are home.  They like the sewing room , you can see them here trying out the sewing chair and the couch.

Now there is UNPACKING to do ! 


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Moving With Stash

Hooray !

Our move east became a reality today. 

 And at 8 o'clock sharp, the truck opened it doors and said "FEED ME".

 And there was a lot of tummy to fill .  Here is the first part of my load going in - you got it - STASH !!!!  let's get the important stuff first , boys !

 And they fed more and more stash into the truck.......... finally we added a little furniture, too.  And maybe some clothes and some tables and stuff...........

And at 3 o'clock, the van drove away - I can't wait til it is delivery time !  

And til i get my stash back.  

Kathleen, aka Kate

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Oh My ! Transitions

Change.............  much Change........

Yesterday was my last day in my professional role as Dean of the College.  Thank goodness all the 'farewell' events were last week, so no more of those .  I appreciate people's thank-yous and well wishes, but my emotions run far too freely for those public displays. 

So - that part is done.  Now I am a member of the faculty, and i have a year's sabbatical-type leave ahead of me - hooray and yippee.  Let it begin TODAY .

Also, on my final day in that role, I received the most fabulous email from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK.  I had put in an application to display my quilts in a Gallery at the 2020 Festival next year.......  and I figured it was more than a long shot..........WELL ... shiver me timbers !!!  Yesterday I learned that I made the cut to the short list - and they wanted more photos ..... WOW ....

Here are some of the photos i sent........... 

First up is a cute little doily, set in a simple quilting design.  This is a class sample, and represents a project that is easy and quick.  

 This is a vintage lace pillowcase - that I then added what seemed like one MILLION gold beads !
 A damask tablecloth is the star of this piece, photographed before finished.  Now it has some lace, some beads, and some binding,  but I can't find a photo of it completed ....
 And a piece not finished yet.  Isn't this embroidery fantastic ????  Can't wait to get this finished.
 And one more piece of damask - this time a napkin.  yes, a lovely napkin.  And the design is in the damask itself.  I love working on damask - fun , fun 

 So now I wait for a decision.  Either way, I am deeply honored and excited to be considered.  Truly.

Big endings............. and big beginnings..............perhaps............

Fun times ahead.

Kathleen (Kate)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Meant to Be ????

Hi there -

I share another area in my soon-to-be home.............  the lower floor, aka walk-out basement.  All the furniture in these photos is that of the sellers. 

The original builders of this home were so very smart - although they originally only finished the upper floor, they put lots of good windows in the walk-out basement so it would be nice when it was finished........... let's do this in quadrants.  Quadrant 1and 2:  the barn - the couple was from Pennsylvania, and they brought these planks from the family farm in Amish country and made this lovely area. 

Look at this light over the pool table.  Now, who wants a big ol' light like that hanging down in the middle of the room ?????  I DO - can you say CUTTING TABLE GOES HERE????  

 Third quadrant:  bay-style window overlooking the hill and the park.  Perhaps I will sew in this area.   Do you see the Janome on the table?  I figured she was a quilter, but there was no stash, no tools, no cutting area........... she had thoroughly sanitized the house of all clutter (so sorry those things fall under clutter, boohoo- a little stash would have made me happy !

 Quadrant four:  sitting area, and steps to the upper floor. 
Next door to this large open room is a guest bedroom.  I have thought about perhaps imprisoning a quilter down there and making them finish UFOs and sew crumb blocks, and only giving them Cheeto's and peanut M&M's to eat.  Anybody want to apply for the job?  

There is also a lovely bath, and the "resource" room (aka woodworking shop) shown in my last post.
I knew we were buying the house when I went downstairs.  Who cares about the rest of the house?

Kate (aka Kathleen)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Suggestions ????

This is one of the rooms in my new house.  The former owner did woodworking, and built this room for woodworking when they finished the lower level of the house.  
DH doesn't want the room - oh i am so disappointed   (not )  😁

It's on the lower floor - a beautiful walk-out basement with great windows, and a fabulous view.  There's already a large room for quilting, a family room, a guest bedroom, a bath, and a utility room.  
The quilt room/family room is one large space, so it will need to stay halfway presentable - but only half way !  

So - I am thinking this will be my quilty office /materials/etc.  A resource room, if you will.

I want a a desk and a bulletin board;  
shelves for deep stash;
a place to store my wall hanging -sized quilts either rolled or hanging;
a cabinet for tall stuff;
wire drawers for 'stuff''...
counter space for quilts that are being collected or are waiting for something.......

Ideas?   thoughts?   I'm thinking all these benches and the lights have to be demo'd, and then start fresh..........  oh i can't wait to tear into this room !

Happy quilting !

Kate ,  aka Kathleen

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Shake it Up !!!!

The Quilting Professor is gonna shake it up a little .  Actually, a lot. 

*  After 24 years as a Dean or Vice President , I am choosing to transition from administration to a faculty position.  It's been fun, but I want a different balance in my life now, and this is a first step toward retirement. 
*  Next year, beginning August 1, I will be on sabbatical leave.
* I will spend the year in North Carolina, near the city of Asheville.


This is a plan that was hatched many years ago, but was scheduled to occur about 5 years AGO...  Well, it's finally TIME !!!

So -here's my little oasis in the southern part of the Blue Ridge mountains.  I'll be in that first house up the hill, looking out the windows on that lovely green park, sewing, sewing, sewing. 
Now - sabbaticals, contrary to popular belief, aren't ALL free time !  So, I do have some academic goals to accomplish.  First, I shall learn to play the piano again.  I have neglected that skill for too long, and it will take regular, disciplined daily practice to refresh it.  Also, I will be designing some courses that I will be teaching after the sabbatical.  I'll talk more about that another time.

The moving truck is scheduled for July 26.  Oh my word, I have a lot to do. 

I hope to keep my sewing machine operational until the very last second.  Therapy, you know.

Kate, aka Kathleen

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