Sunday, March 1, 2015

Of This and Of That

Good Sunday to you all   ...  it's a lovely day, the sun is shining, and the kitties are napping in the sunshiny spot. 
Lots of sewing and quilting going on here... 

This top is underway for Sarah's "Hands to Help" initiative... I made these sixteen patches a year ago, for no purpose, and then 'surprise', she was saying 'make 16 patches'  , so I knew then what they were supposed to be............... 

Border?  yes
What kind?  I don't know yet..............

gee I think that needs a little ironing....... it's been squished up on a shelf for a bit. 

OH OH OH - EXCITEMENT.................

my linen quilt, "Sonoma Sunday", won a Judges' Choice ribbon at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival !!!  The judge was Anita Hergert - THANK YOU, ANITA...  I can't wait til the quilt comes home with its ribbon - will take a photo and share with you then.

And, the 'new' linen quilt is so much fun...  it is starting to show a little shape:  here are some in-progress pics

 interesting perspective on this shot - taken hanging off the edge of the table - not a recommended photo technique !

And, although it's a little premature, I have been thinking about a name.  I think it will be something about Bodega Bay...  a little California town I love dearly, and it's rather a secret reference, since there are birds on this linen, and Bodega Bay is famous because Hitchcock filmed "The Birds" on location there.  

Well, Sunday afternoon - the cherished time before one has to turn the thoughts toward another work week.  I do hope you have found something lovely to sew on this weekend !

Happy Quilting,


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sandwiches and Pins

OH, the delight of a new project... 

I have been thinking and drawing on this new piece of linen for  while - it's a gorgeous Madeira tablecloth, about 50 by 50.

so yesterday was the day to sandwich it...

So - I know there are people 'out there' who are still looking for good ways to sandwich quilts for machine quilting - so I'll share how I do it.  I should quickly add that I learned a lot of this technique from Cindy Needham, and she teaches it in detail in her first Craftsy class,  "Design it, Quilt it"...  which I highly recommend !!

So, here we go.  I sandwich in my garage on two small tables I bought from Home Depot.  (no cars are allowed in my garage !)

Step One:  backing;  right side down, I put the seam in the middle on this one;  I don't always.  I believe long-armers like the seam horizontal;  on my DSM, it doesn't matter. 

I use these wonderful springy clips - they are tablecloth clips, and fit on any table - you can get them at any camping goods store or online.

I use two layers of batting.  First a layer of thin, low loft poly or cotton -  I am currently using Quilter's Dream 'request'  - then a layer of Hobbs Wool.  Only wool gives the look I like.  Remember, this is going to be quilted within an inch of its life !

 Next comes the fabric "top", or "underlayment".  this is Dupioni silk.  Yes, it's expensive, I just tell my Visa card to be quiet ... it's worth it!

Next we put the linen on top....
 See how lovely that Dupioni is going to look through the cutwork???
 And now LOTS and LOTS of pins !!!  The edges of these vintage pieces are always stretched out - after all, they are many many years old...  so it takes a lot of pinning to get it all laid out flat....

Update today:   we're off !!!!  Sewing away ...  I'll keep you up to date as it progresses - this one is going to take a while !

Happy Sunday to all !  There are a few hours of weekend left - enjoy !


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do You Think I was the First to Finish My Bonnie Hunter Mystery???

Hi there - you a Bonnie Hunter fan ?

Did you make Grand Illusion ????

Did you finish it yet?  top?  quilting?   binding ????

Well, I didn't..............

I didn't even start..............

But I did finish the top of ...............


EASY SUNDAY - the 2013 Mystery !!!

I love, love this top, and can not wait to quilt it - I need to do something fancy, I think. 
For now I'll just enjoy the top...

Tomorrow is Friday - yippee !


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Oh Oh OH-  I learned a new skill !!!!

I have been wanting to learn to add captions to photos for such a long time !!!  Who knew it was so easy !!

My first product is this photo, which will go into a pet Valentine's Day photo contest - isn't my little darling adorable???  (I know, I am a bit partial)...


Thursday, February 5, 2015

So Exciting !

Oh my friends, I am so excited !!!

My quilt titled "Sonoma Sunday" got juried into the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival !!! 


Sonoma Sunday

I think the linen was from the 1930s era - it's beautiful embroidery... and I had such fun beading all the little grapes !

 And then I lost my mind completely and decided to hand-embroider over all the stitching in the feathers, and bead in the center... 

So now I have to get busy and get a hanging sleeve on this piece !!!  Why do I always wait to put off the hanging sleeve - good grief.................


Saturday, January 31, 2015


Hi and Happy Saturday !!!! 

It's a gorgeous day here in California (with apologies to people in places like Minnesota and New York...:)  )

I am having a fabulous time designing a new linen piece...  want to see inside that process? 

OK, here goes...

I just took over space in the living room - - that was one of the few rooms that had nothing quilting in it - - oh well, heck, who needs a living room, anyway ????  And yes, that a dining chair, but we don't use the dining room table any more, so I may as well use the chair, don't ya think? 

I bought a drafting table not too long ago, and I love it.  I draw patterns on it, I draft out ideas, and I mark on cloth.... and if I put the lamp under it, it becomes a huge light board...

 You can see the piece I am marking up.  It's a gorgeous piece of vintage madeira linen, with beautiful colored embroidery.

I use the blue disappearing pen - but I do have a tip for you - I buy blue pens from a lady named Jill Schumacher at

I don't know why Jill's pens are so much better than others - but THEY ARE !! They mark better, and last a lot longer .   So there, go visit her web site and see for yourself. 

 Stop by later and maybe this quilt be all marked up !  Kate

Sunday, January 25, 2015

SLOW Progress !

Sometimes, progress is slooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.

I continue to work very hard on this piece, but it is still not finished.
So - what on earth have I been doing, you might ask???  Well, let's see.
I have been working on the stitching on the white center...I put a design in the center, and am scribbling and pebbling around it... about half the center linen is done.

then I put some parallel lines on each corner - I love parallel lines.

I did all the scribbling around the feathers - that looks really dramatic now, makes the feathers pop !

 The outer border has been a lot of work, but it's turning out nicely.  I went over the grid lines with the darker thread to give it definition, and I have some dark, tiny beads, and will put one at each intersection...  pls ignore the blue stuff - that's just marker that I need to wash out... I sprayed it, so its partially gone, but it will take an immersion for it to be all gone !

So - here I am, sewing away !   
Soon this will be ready to square up and bind - how cool will that be??
Happy Sunday afternoon,
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