Saturday, January 18, 2020

Hooray for this Finish !!!!

After seeing this photo on the internet, I wanted to make just the center section, so I got some graph paper and started coloring - it was really fun... It was 2011.  

I chose some 5/8 inch hexies, and started sewing...……..  scroll down to see it grow and grow.

and now it is 2020, and it is finished............ Gee, that did not take long at all !!!!


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Morning

Resolutions?   Did you make resolutions?

I made only a few.  One was to breathe new life into this blog...  1) by posting more regularly;  and 2) by encouraging some new visitors and readers...……..  So, here we go.

I have become a CRUMB BLOCK FACTORY.

You know, you sew tiny leftover bits together, then cut out a block, then use it in a quilt.  easy-peasy.
but - - NOT QUICK...

This week several quilts from my massive inventory of crumb blocks came rolling out the end of the assembly line that is my quilty life.  I just love these little beauties, made from scraps and bits...…...

 I really find crumb blocks too busy unless they are surrounded by solids, so I sometimes border them with a 1 1/2 inch border, and then sash them, as in this BLUE CRUMBS.


Now, let's add some sparkle !!!  Cornerstones and little stars make these pop !

And - crumbs made into "Square in a Square", in tropical colors !

So fun to use up these bits - and these will soon be on their way to an organization that is gathering quilts for kids in the foster care system.  

I should hasten to say I have a lot of help.  Surprisingly, my DH likes to IRON !!!!  Woot, woot !

So, I sew up long chains of scraps or crumbs in progress, and he irons them and piles them up, and then i sew those together, and off we go til it's a 6.5 inch block.

But, don't fear, I try not to work him too hard......... because he has other duties, too, like serving as a Kitty Bed !!!!  

Well, it's a new day, and a new week - wonder if there are any tiny bits of fabric around ???

Stay warm and safe,


Saturday, January 4, 2020


I'm a little bit LATE !

(been traveling to see family)\\

So - Here Goes !

2020 was GREAT...

We MOVED to North Carolina, and bought a house in the mountains...  We love it here, my DH fishes in this fabulous pond, and the whole lower level of the house is for QUILTING and GUESTS - sometimes they are QUILTING GUESTS !!!!

Yesterday we saw a Great Blue Heron fly all the way down the pond - it was so spectacular !

I used up a LOT of thread this year ….  more than any year since I started taking a New Year's Day photo of the year's empty spools....  Now my empty spool drawer is empty - better get busy !

I sent some of my fancy linen quilts to shows, and got a beautiful Judges Choice ribbon for this one, which you have seen before... but here's a closeup - it's called Sunday Pearls.

I completed my term as a University Dean, and resumed faculty status as a professor.  This year I am on leave and am enjoying having time to adjust and prepare for a new role beginning next year.

It was a great year -  and I plan for the next one to be even better !

Happy New Year to you and all the special people in your life.


Monday, December 30, 2019


Happy Year's past and Happy New Year to come !!!

I will be starting the New Year with a REAL WEB PAGE !

(I tried all the 'pretend" and "do it yourself"  web pages...…..  and ended up with a mess of products I was not happy with - proving the old adage "you get what you pay for "  LOL.




My goal was to keep it simple - the important stuff, a few photos.  I'll be adding new content, especially more photos, in the coming months.

And in case you are interested, it was designed and is hosted by Vistaprint.  I pay a small monthly fee, but I can update all the content through a very nice system they have, or I can pay a small fee if I want some more substantial changes.



Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Quiet Days

It's the quiet days - after the holiday, when everyone is still a bit on slowed down speed.  And every day seems a perfect day to sew............

So, I am busying myself with some desk work.........  Vistaprint had an amazing sale, and these lovely cards were 60 percent off..........   so i grabbed some good closeups of my show/linen quilts, and had a pile of them made...

I got MERCHANDISE !   yippee.

I'll give some away in sets of four, and probably sell some too.  Of course, my website address is on the back, so they make nice little advertisements, too ....  I think this is going to be a busy quilting year, and these little cards will be one of the fun things I can play with !  They are blank inside, so anyone who buys them can send them out themselves for thank you or birthday wishes, or whatever.  I have seen artists do this, but never quilters... and I don't see WHY NOT?

So - what do you think ?  Do you like them?  Feedback is welcome.


Sunday, December 1, 2019

I Think I'll Keep It !

I tried using rulers on my new long arm machine this week !!!

And it worked...……… I didn't do anything fancy, just a little stitch in the ditch , but it's fun...

This little donation quilt is now all completed.  It is part of a Fat Quarter Challenge, and will go to Quilts Beyond Borders.  

So - I think I will keep the long arm machine !!!


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Donation Quilting

Hello everybody -

As life begins to return to something close to normal for our family after the gigantic move from San Francisco to North Carolina, I have been opening bins of fabric and unfinished projects.  With the holidays approaching, it was a good time to complete some donation quilts.  Here are some samples:
The ever-growing stack of crumb blocks turned into this strong top.  DH says it qualifies for use by a boy !!!

This one comes from orphan blocks with a bit of red sashing.  Any time I have any leftover block, I size it up to 12.5 inches and put it in the orphan pile, so I have lots of variety to choose from !

this is just a top, but I just fell in love with it.  This is for a Challenge for Quilts Beyond Borders.

and last but not at all least, some simple half-square triangles, all ready to go hug a child somewhere.  I just love the simplicity of traditional quilts !

Meanwhile, I am busy planning for my exhibition at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts next summer, and I decided it was time I had a real web page, in addition to a blog...…  Now THAT can eat up all your spare time !!!!  Soon, soon.

Hope you are enjoying planning for the holiday.  DH and I will keep it simple - a dinner with some friends, and some relaxing time at home.  No big travel for us this year.  We will snuggle up in front of the fire, I will quilt, and he will work on his stamp collection - sounds like heaven to me !


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