Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hi all - it's a no-photo day... 

I just learned that one of my little quilts has been accepted into the juried show at Road to California " in January !!!  yippee!!! 

Sorry not to post much just now - am having some technology problems that must get ironed out... 

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend...

Boo hoo on going back to work tomorrow!!!!

How many days til Christmas????

happy quilting to you,


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello and Happy pre-Thanksgiving to you all!

Since DH retired recently, he is in charge of Thanksgiving dinner - I told him we could go out and eat, or even get a pre-done dinner from Boston Market, and I would be happy, but he has decided instead to do the whole thing - turkey and trimmings!!!  yippee... actually the leftovers will be fabulous...  for a long time... :)

First a couple of photos of my whole-cloth work - not great photos... I have not mastered photos of this yet...  but I am loving this -  the colored part is from the original fabric - a vintage linen with hand-painted flowers on it... this is so much fun...  my new favorite thing!!


AND NOW - my bizarre kitty photo - now, I ask, does this cat have its head on upside down???

Don't call the Humane Society - she just did this herself - turned over half of her body and slept in this amazing position...  awoke and righted herself, and put her head back on the right way!!
 My new kitties are learning to be quilting helpers... although it takes great self control not to jump up and grab the thread!!!
 This little charity quilt got quilted yesterday - it's a lovely soft yello - not this screamin yellow!!! 
 andI am framing some crumb blocks - I have bins of crumb blocks - well, why have them if I'm not going to use them... stay tuned!!

Happy Thanksgiving prep to everyone !!!! 
I can't wait for four days off from work... yippee...


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Surprises !!

Hello and Happy Veterans Day Weekend to Everyone...

Well, sometimes life bring you surprises - but first, a little quilting....I am sending this little block to Victoria at Bumblebeans.  She sent out some Santa fabric to some friends, and we all made blocks - and this one is what i am sending her back for her Christmas fabric.    It was fun, fun, and she has a bunch of great blocks to go with it...
 And I started this wholecloth quilt , made from a vintage linen napkin.  Stay tuned for progress photos as this develops!
So - now for the 'GOOD STUFF'...

My kitty family saga goes on...  just when we were reconciled to accepting the loss of our adopted kitten, Gabriel, and having only one cat - one cat who was a little bit lonely...

Well - then we got a call from the Maine Coon Adoption place, and she said "I don't know if you are ready for another kitten, but we have a wonderful little boy that we think would be a perfect buddy for Gloucester."  

What's in there??? I know there's something fabulous in there???

isn't he a beautiful boy?  His name will be MYSTIC

I GOT HIM.  I won't let him get away !!

So - we have spent the past two days adjusting - Gloucester got put in TIME OUT about fifteen times for being just too assertive, but finally today she calmed down a bit...



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Quilt Kitten

Meow, everyone - I am Gloucester...  kitten of the Quilting Professor.   

Don't worry if you don't know how to pronounce Gloucester - no one does except people from Massachusetts...  someone in the rescue shelter must have grown up on the East Coast, because I got an East Coast name!

I prefer to be called BIT... like 'little bit'.  or 'bit o honey',,   or my favorite - I BIT YOU !!!!  

Ma says I need to be a Quilt Kitty.....
What does that mean????

 hmmm - is this what I am supposed to do???

Mom says this quilt is a "Bonnie Hunter"... did someone say HUNT????

Or maybe i am supposed to do this???  Mom says these are 'leftover bits'... BITS??? That's meeee! I'm a BIT - I can nap here.

What on earth is that big machine...with moving parts - I have to work very hard not to jump on it.

ooh, this is my favorite - the kitty tanning bed...

Maybe I will be an Afghan kitty... this is really really soft - - nighty night!!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Only One Cat "in the Yard"

Hello, my friends

Remember the song "Our House"?  and the line... "with two cats in the yard... "..

. we have always had two cats .... and enjoyed watching them snuggle and love each other...

So, after our long-time kitty family passed away last summer, we planned to adopt TWO kitties... and recently did - you have seen them here.

Sadly, one of them got sick last week, and today we got the dreaded diagnosis of Feline Infectious Peritonitis - one of the most deadly feline diseases - always fatal.  So, we had to say farewell to Gabriel this afternoon.

It was so hard - and I cried and sobbed like a little girl.  Why don't I have a stoic upper lip I can put on... saying goodbye is just so very difficult for me.

Gabriel  May  - November, 2012


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