Sunday, September 26, 2010


What could be better than beautiful old oak trees, spectacular flowers, and nearly 250 quilts???

I do wish I could tell you the name of every quilter, but of course I can't... so will just say ...


aND, THAT LITTLE ONE IN THE NEXT PHOTO IS MINE!!! My first quilt in a show... and here it is closeup - I have put the program up on the bulletin board in my quilting room - I want some more to go with it!!!

Happy Quilting, everyone!


STUFF is gettin in my way

OK, I'm just gonna gripe this morning - no photos, no nothing - just a quick, short, blog-blast of gripe...

How did life get so darned complicated?

Here it is Sunday morning, and I am inundated with STUFF:
1. Print out label to return shoes to Zappos that did not fit;
2. Purchase a plane ticket for a trip 'back east' in November;
3. Smoke a chicken for later consumption;
4. Tidy up - endless.. endless. endless.
5. Make a grocery list.
6. do laundry.

ARGH!!!!!!! Too much STUFF

I really just want to drink coffee and sew...............

OK - compromise... I'll do one more 'stuff' thing and then go sew...

For an antidote to the griping - it's a stunningly beautiful day. I can see a bluejay in the bird bath - and my CAT can see the bluejay inthe birdbath!!! And this afternoon DH and I are going to a quilt show and an old car show... one for each of us, in the same town!

I'll be back after the quilt show with pics and an improved attitude.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Experience

Hello hello hello - today is a gloriously beautiful day, a great day for a trip to the farmer's market and then a little tidying up before settling down to some serious sewing machine time.
Today one of my quilts (not the one pictured here) is in a show! A new experience for me... it's an outdoor show - and I will be attending tomorrow - I wonder what it will feel like to see MY quilt hanging there with the others? I do hope a bird doesn't poo on it.
Stay tuned for photos...
Happy Quilting

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blankies for Boys!

Hello everyone - I had so much fun sewing this weekend... I went through my stash looking for some 'boy' fabrics - for a big charity quilt project...


Those fabrics became these flimsies - yet to be quilted:

And then I finished quilting this chinese coins from some strips a friend sent me (
hi Betty from Southern NY)... why is it SOOO much more fun to play in someone else's
And then we found some time to drive into San Francisco for dim sum, to gaze at Alcatraz, and to see a Harvest Moon festival in Chinatown.
and this is the big kitty George, taking a nap with his head resting on some yarn... he does like his creature comforts!

Happy Quilting, everyone... another weekend is only five days away!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Answer

Well - obviously I travel too much... the person who guessed a subway tunnel was very close - it's the tunnel between the concourses at the Detroit airport... it's wonderful - a long ride on the moving sidewalk, wonderful music, and an ever-changing light show... I keep trying to figure out if I can capture this in a quilt somehow!

Happy Quilting....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do you Know this Place?

Hi everyone - it's a test - can you identify the place by these photos? Hmm, let's see, a hint: you would be physically moving when you saw this... and you would be listening to soothing music, and the lights would be changing...
Any guesses? Leave a message if these look familiar to you... thousands of people see this every day.

Happy Quilting, everyone !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Guess I Lied

Well - remember how I said I was finished with this piece? Well, I just started fooling around with some fabric, and this border started to emerge... I like it...

BUT - BUT - BUT - I'm not sure if I have enough of the background fabric to finish it !!!!!!!YIKES... keep your fingers crossed... I'm just going to keep sewing and see where I end up... you watch - I'll end up one inch short... and bang my head on the wall.
Happy Quilting,

A Little Bit of Heaven

Well, my Labor Day travels took me to a little piece of heaven - Monterey, CA. DH and I went down for the day... here's just a hint of the natural beauty:

We spent most of our time on Cannery Row, and visited the famous Monterey Aquarium... boy it was wall to wall kids!

And, of course, I found an LQS to visit, and bought some lovely lovely fabrics in red, green , and cream colors.

Oh I do love three-day weekends...

Happy Quilting, everyone.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Labor Day Labors

What a great quilty weekend I am having! My sewing room is finally operational. Now, mind you, I did not say organized, clean, or tidy. But operational is good enough for now.

This little string quilt will be a donation to some group - not sure who yet... It needs binding still.

I think somehow this piece feels like a Turkish carpet, doesn't it? These are strips made by a fellow quilter who mailed them to me. I'm still working on stitching down the binding, then this will also be a donation piece.

This perky block is one of a set of six for the Sunshine Yahoo Quilt Guild's monthly Block Lotto... it and its friends will go out in the mail on Tuesday to Texas...

How fun is all this - lots to me... tomorrow is a non-quilting day, but on Monday I'll be back at the maching... I have a stack of small charity quilts that are sandwiched and ready for machine quilting, and I am determined to work through the stack - - maybe I'll have some more photos soon!

Happy Labor Day quilting to all...

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