Sunday, September 30, 2018

Progress , but Still a Ways to Go...

Progress ??  Yes......  This tatted linen runner is now bound, the edges are finished, and I am just working on the details - some machine work still to go as well as more beading.  Moving forward, one stitch, one bead at a time !

Keep on quilting,


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Progress on the Tatted Linen Piece

This tatted linen piece is turning out to be lots of fun to sew on...  I love the contrast of the crisp white with the nice taupe linen.

I put some lovely feathers in the arc shapes down the edge and around the corners.

 and started working on the quilting in the linen on the sides and corners.  (disregard the blue pen - it will wash out)

Now I'm working on a nice design to go in the center of each circle.  An antique milk-glass button will go in the center of each of these designs.

AND - since I just must have something bright and fun going at the same time... a round robin i am doing with some quilty friends.  A friend started the bottom row, and i added the flying geese.
 and some tiny log cabins - logs of 1 inch.....
WHY?  I have no idea........... because I can, I suppose. 

Enjoy the last days of summer !


Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Word for the Year is NEW

oh, I had SO  much fun starting a new linen piece today...

This is only ONE of the fun things going on in my life right now.

I am proclaiming a "new start".

New goals............ new activities........... new ...  well,  LOTS OF NEW.

But for today, just a new piece -  and I'll show more details soon.


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Finally Finished


This work was begun about 2 years ago - and thee beads turned out to take WAY longer than expected !!!  Oh my aching back I am glad it is done .

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It's Spring !!

Hi -

It's Spring in California - everything in my yard is beginning to blossom, bud, or bloom - even though some of the days are still cool, you can feel the summer coming.

In higher education, that means SPRING BREAK !!  and yes, I have holiday next week - much needed.

I'm beginning my holiday by mailing off these two quilts, both scrappy and made from leftover bits and pieces that long ago went into other quilts.

These are my quilts for the Hands2Help program, online.  I make two quilts each spring and send them to a charity chosen from the H2H website.  You can read about it here 
You can still be involved if you want - it's not too late at all - just sign up, make a quilt, and send it when it is finished -
an there are PRIZES, TOO !!!
Happy St. Patricks Day

Friday, March 2, 2018

Oh My Goodness Gracious

I haven't posted since NOVEMBER ??? no, say it ain't so........

I don't know how that could have happened, but, here goes.........

I have been happily sewing along on my vintage linen pieces, but when I saw an online class with Katie Pasquini Masopaust, I jumped in, despite the fact that I don't do improvisational work - AT ALL.  But, how to learn except to jump ????

So far there have been Three Assignments:

Assignment One was a Color Exercise.  Easy - peasy, right?  oh no.
I submitted:   nothing.  Just couldn't get it done, curled up in a ball of non-creativity.
Goose egg for a grade !  (she doesn't really give grades)

Assignment Two:  make a piece emphasizing two different shapes... oh maybe i can do this..
let's see - rectangles and circles?  ok, here it is........  it hurt me to be this creative.....

Assignment 3:  make a fabric still - life, with an interesting background:

Not until I read Katie's feedback did I realize the antique doilies were 'standing in' for the typical flowers in a still-life - - duh, well of course I meant to do that !
I think I will finish this one.....

Assignment 4 ????  underway - - and i know you just can't wait !  


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