Sunday, November 24, 2019

Donation Quilting

Hello everybody -

As life begins to return to something close to normal for our family after the gigantic move from San Francisco to North Carolina, I have been opening bins of fabric and unfinished projects.  With the holidays approaching, it was a good time to complete some donation quilts.  Here are some samples:
The ever-growing stack of crumb blocks turned into this strong top.  DH says it qualifies for use by a boy !!!

This one comes from orphan blocks with a bit of red sashing.  Any time I have any leftover block, I size it up to 12.5 inches and put it in the orphan pile, so I have lots of variety to choose from !

this is just a top, but I just fell in love with it.  This is for a Challenge for Quilts Beyond Borders.

and last but not at all least, some simple half-square triangles, all ready to go hug a child somewhere.  I just love the simplicity of traditional quilts !

Meanwhile, I am busy planning for my exhibition at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts next summer, and I decided it was time I had a real web page, in addition to a blog...…  Now THAT can eat up all your spare time !!!!  Soon, soon.

Hope you are enjoying planning for the holiday.  DH and I will keep it simple - a dinner with some friends, and some relaxing time at home.  No big travel for us this year.  We will snuggle up in front of the fire, I will quilt, and he will work on his stamp collection - sounds like heaven to me !


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Treadle

We have a new machine at my house...……. well, not really new.

But new to us.  I have been waiting to put it in front of the bay window, and now it is in.

Yes, it has a machine, dated 1906, and is in working order after I get the belt repaired, I think.  One day I will open her up and let the machine come out to play.

For the moment, though, Kitty Mystic is enjoying it far too much, as it gives him a view of the pond, the birds, and all the squirrels !  

Kate, aka Kathleen

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