Friday, August 29, 2014

Lovin' this New Project

Oh my, my...

Starting a new project is simply the very most fun...

So - I have a few days of vacation - and decided to pin up a new linen quilt... 

(and no, do not ask if this means I have finished my other linen quilts, thank you very much).

So - here it is all pinned on the tables in my garage:  

That's a gorgeous brick-red dupioni silk - don't you love the color?   And the linen is a vintage Madeira embroidered tablecloth I found on eBay...  I put in a double batting - one thin cotton, and one wool bat... 

isn't this embroidery work just superb?  

oh - this one?  My little helper, Gloucester.  She wanted to help, but it was time for her morning nap - on two blankets, with a little cover over her...  'tis the life !

We have a ten-day vacation - oh, we'll do a bit of staying home, and a bit of driving around north of San Francisco.  So fun !

Where is that sewing machine - let me get busy  - I hope to have 'finishes' soon !


Monday, August 25, 2014

New Mojo Discovery !



And then I found this cartoon ..................

Somehow it just touched my funny bone, so, here it is !!!

After I found my mojo, I finished up the four center blocks for the quilt "Sarah's Revival", design by Sue Garman.  See the center blocks?  

Now I have a fabulous wall full of great blocks - -
 I still have a few more to make - fine with me, these are soooo much fun.

Speaking of fun - Kitty Mystic decided that the ladder, which we brought in to do a small repair, needed to be a part of his play gym....   the photos speak for themselves !!

Fun, being on the next to the top step !

Hmmm, let's see !

Eureka !   (not my best angle)

Nap Time ?   Seriously ?  

Doesn't everyone have a ladder, and the leaf from their dining table, connected to the cat tree , in the middle of the den ????    Hey, if your kid ever made a fort from the furniture, then don't shake your head !!!! 

Havin fun in California - and a holiday weekend ahead ... yippee !!!!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm Just Out of Whack !!!

Yep - out of whack,   out of kilter,   out of sorts!  

I don't know WHY I am out of Whack, or How it happened...

But I'm just not on track.  

Work isn't fun.

Sewing is unfocused -

Body feels tired.

House is messy.

So - I'm taking a BREAK.... 

I think I am just trying to go in too many directions at once.................... 

I'll be back in a few days or a couple of weeks when I find some WHACK !!!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kitties on Quilts

Well, hello - did someone say "Kitties on Quilts"?   A photo competition?
Well, that's our CUE
this is Mystic and Gloucester writing... and have we got photos - our quiltmom is forever pointing that Nikon thing at us and trying to blind us !
We used to be little..............when we were first adopted from that rescue place.

our first skill was SLEEPING ON QUILTS...we were a natural at that !

As we grew up, we learned more quilty skills:  Quiltmom says this is called SANDWICHING - but we can't find the bread or the meat - disappointing

 Quilt inspecting, especially charity quilts, is hard work, and sometimes the inspectors have BIG disagreements about the use of turquoise and purple together

 And Mystic sleeps when he should be working............BOYS !

Ma said "that wrinkle will quilt out - BUT LOOK, THE WRINKLE HAS A NOSE !
 We bought a vintage machine from EBAY - it came in a GREAT BOX
 Bondage ????  or Binding????  I don't understand, so I just tied him up with it for good measure.

Hmmm how about "CAT on a Quilt - Well, it's not a Quilt YET, but just be patient!"
Yep, we're kitties on quilts - 24/7.  
Mystic and Gloucester, the furry children of the Quilting Professor..

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday design wall

Good Morning ... 

I am so tickled to show you my design wall this morning...  these blocks are just starting to fill the room with red happiness.

This is Sue Garman's pattern, called "Sarah's Revival"...

See the one on the bottom?  Just finished.  Wow, was that fun, to applique on some green fabric!
There will be four blocks like that - so, three more to do !They go in the quilt center.

This one is my very favorite - isn't it just gorgeous ???
In closing, Mystic wanted to say hello...
 Sphinx-like, guarding the scraps...............

Having a little spa-like nap in the bathroom sink..........
Happy quilting to everyone this weekend.  I'll be doing a bit of traveling, to the East Coast to visit my mom and help her a bit after some surgery - but I have lots of hand work to take with me !!!
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