Friday, May 7, 2010

Kittehs Love Mother's Day

Even kitteh's love their mamas - especially when mama lets you use her as a pillow!

George (the big one on top) is 15 years old, and his mome is (we think) 16 or 17... and they have spent every day of their lives snuggled up like this... usually she is the one using HIM as a pillow, but on this day, he snuck in a little "buttsy" pillow time himself...

Gracie (the mom) was living under a house we bought, so she adopted us right away when we moved in... and THEN we discovered she was going to bless us with kittens - George is one of the litter of four ... the rest went to good homes.

I have never had related cats before - I didn't know they would be so close...

.....he LOVES his ma.... Happy Mother's Day everyone


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