Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Tale of Two Kitties - and Twenty-Two Cities!

VACATION DISGUISED AS AN ADVENTURE: twenty-two cities with two sick kitties

The plan was to drive from New York to the North Carolina Outer Banks... where Dear Hubby and I would meet a large group of family and friends - you know, fun, sun, food, relaxation!

Manteo, North Carolina is the site of the first English colony in the New World - a colony that was 'lost' without trace. It's an area of great history, great sun and beaches, etc.

This is a replica of the ship on which those colonists journeyed from England - looks almost as cramped as our car is going to end up being - read on.........

HERE'S THE TWIST..........

My two kitties, George and Gracie, were to stay at the Pet Boarding House. But several weeks ago they became ill - my sweet Gracie with heart problems, and my Georgie cat with a badly scratched cornea.... Both are on frequent medications and need close monitoring. Now, how could I leave them at the Pet Boarding House and go to vacation????

But heartless soul that I was, I packed them up and delivered them to the tiny cage where they were to spend a torturous week, listening to barking dogs, and feeling abandoned... oh woe is me!

After a sleepless and guilty night... I SPRANG THEM !!!! I scooped them up into the car and took them with us on vacation!



UHOH - THERE'S NO PLACE TO PUT THE LITTER BOX EXCEPT WHERE MY FEET ARE SUPPOSED TO GO. Probably they won't use it - WRONG, and wrong, and wrong. (how many times can two cats go poo???)

TWELVE HOURS LATER - we made it - tired, hot, and a little smelly. Kitties felt terrible - they hid most of the way in a little 'cave' I made for them in the back seat that was dark and cool.

well - the week was good for us all.........

Here's how the lovely kitty Grace spent her vacation: gazing out the window at the OCEAN... wow, the OCEAN. BIG, BIG WATER.

And me? Oh well, I had a blast... there was a lovely antique shop: The Sir Walter Raleigh Antique Shop... and there were QUILTS FOR SALE:

and guess what else was for sale??????????


postscript: we all arrived home today - kitties are very tired, humans are very tired, but all had a wonderful week... and my lovely new toy awaits some introductory activities tomorrow!

Take care all, and happy quilting


1 comment:

Nancy said...

If I didn't know better I would think you had a picture of my cat Rocket in your profile.
He was a wonderful cat lived 11 years and passed in his sleep one night.
Good for your not leaving them in a kennel.

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