Thursday, October 28, 2010

Neat Places

Hi all - from the nation's capitol - one of my favorite cities!

I came to DC for a business meeting, and had only a bit of free time, so went to Union Station - what a neat place! It's a combination of train station and mall, with great restaurants, and stunning architecture. Here are just a couple of photos of the main hall:

And in the basement is the world's biggest food court:

This shot of the vendors from all imaginable ethnic foods did something weird - actually turned out pretty neat - real Halloween-like:
After some lovely Greek food, I went to the National Postal Museum, where I found these great vehicles in postal history:

And I saw Amelia's 'personal' stamp collection:

Well - you may ask why I was in the Stamp Museum - well, for one, there was no quilt museum! But - truthfully, DH is a philatelist (stamp collector), so I am interested... we laugh about how I hobby with little pieces of fabric, and he hobbies with little pieces of paper! Between us we can make one heck of a mess, and fill up lots of Sterllite bins!!
Got to go home now - my quilting is neglected. Piecing, binding, quilting... fun,fun.
Happy Quilting,

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