Sunday, January 2, 2011

How's this for a Hat?

Happy Happy New Year to you all...
On NYE, DH and a friend and I went to see "Beach Blanket Babylon", a musical spoof/parady in San Francisco... it is famous for outrageous hats, great music, and wonderful parodies of politicians and public figures. We laughed until we all about split, all while enjoying champagne and chocolates - yummy yummy!
It has been the most most most wonderful holiday season at my house... great meals,
wonderful gifts, and fun moments... I am sad to see it end, but tomorrow the quilting professor returns to the university to my 'day job'... all in all a fabulous job in itself, but oh the sweetness of the holiday vacation!
On Friday we went for a hike to Muir Woods, a stand of giant Redwood trees near San Francisco, some up to 2,000 years old... that means these trees were born in the 9th century... amazing... here are some highlights...
As you can see, my camera just couldn't take it all in!

And, of course, these is always quilting... I finished this happy top of strings... I have been trying to use up my strings.... and this came out - I like it's will become a charity quilt when sandwiched and quilted. (ooh crap, I just saw that the bottom right corner block is inserted wrong - geez, why don't you see these things before you take the photo???? no, I am not going to unsew the border and fix it - will just pretend it's not like that - - lol)
I hope you all have had as wonderful a holiday as I have - - and that your New Year will be fabulous!!!!


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Gorgeous trees and gorgeous quilt - don't worry about the error - just callit your amish mistake!

Sharon Stroud said...

Maybe you can make the quilt top into an I Spy! How many hours/days/weeks/years could it take for someone to find the error? Anyone will love it as is! I can't believe how much quilting you get done and how generous you are with the finished pieces. Missing you lots. Happy New Year! Sharon

P.S. I've been along the coast highway through the redwoods from California through Oregon--simply breathtaking! Even with something or someone for scale in the picture, you have to see them in person to believe how magnificent they are. I'm glad you got to see them.

Amy said...

Beach Blanket Babylon! I saw that play in 1996 on a business trip to San Francisco, and absolutely LOVED it! So glad to hear that it's still going strong... just one question, though: Has Elvis left the building? Happy 2011!

Pattilou said...

I love Muir Woods!!! The camera just simply take it all in can it? Lovely pictures though.

I've had a few of those mistakes the camera picked up that I didn't. Like yours some have stayed--others I just had to pick out. Yours just doesn't stand out that much--could be a planned diversion!!!

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