Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quilting Marathon Day 1

Hi everyone - it's Saturday morning, and the coffee is brewing, and I have nothing to do today except quilt... I rarely have a whole day with no errands or appointments, so this is an incredible comfort day for me. I have on my sweats and some yummy socks, and am looking forward to a great day!

My first project of the three-day weekend is this heart block, finished in the wee hours this morning before I ambled off to bed. I'm sending this heart to Victoria Findley Wolfe, who is collecting signature blocks from her online friends for a signature quilt.

Isn't this a darling paperpieced pattern? It's called "Feathers in My Heart", and I found it on an Etsy site called Piece By Number. There are lots of cool patterns there that can be purchased for a few dollars each... go check it out

I'm also sending a check to Judy Laquidera, at Patchwork Times, who is collecting money for tornado relief in Joplin , and who is generously raffling off several of her quilts as a fundraiser.

I love the generosity of the quilter's online community - and their loving support when someone is ill or has a family crisis. My online friends have become a very special part of my community!

So - now I am off for a great quilty day !!!! I'll keep you posted on my accomplishments!

Happy holiday weekend to you, too.


1 comment:

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

That is one VERY good-looking heart block!

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