Thursday, March 7, 2013

Searching for My Silver Spoon

Hi everyone -

Last week I had the opportunity to sneak away from my conference in DC and visit the Museum and Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution...  So - what IS the DAR:  well:  "Non-profit, women's organization for the descendants of individuals who aided in achieving American independence."  

While there I did some research on my family in the DAR geneology museum.  My mother's family was surnamed BYRD, as in Admiral Byrd, and William Byrd - big names...  why, then, was I not issued the expected "silver spoon" upon birth???  Something must be amiss...

It only took an hour or so to discover that the Virginia family of "Byrd"s were very important BEFORE the Revolutionary War - and then became silent AFTER the War - why, I wondered?  Well, DUH - it said in the book, plain as day that the BYRD family supported King Charles III, and worked AGAINST American independence...      ooooh.... perhaps a different choice would have been better. 

So, that said, I got my tote bag and quietly left the DAR - guess I don't have a charter membership there...

Before I left, I went through the Museum - and found goodies::::

Beautiful clothes:
 Painful clothes:
 and then - - aha !!!!

 Look at this fascinating setting of log cobin blocks - from the 1800s - but so very contemporary in design, isn't it???
 An alphabet quilt from the turn of the century.
 and from 1904, a memory quilt, with lots of signatures, each with gorgeous penmanship (yes, they used to teach penmanship in school - remember?)
Great fun, the DAR Museum...    even though my silver spoon was not to be found!!!!  oh well...

Happy quilting,


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