Sunday, June 29, 2014

Learning Something New

Hi everyone !!!!

Boy, I have been just quilting along on some really big projects, and I needed a breath of fresh air and fun...  so I went off and took a class and learned something new !

The class was at a little LQS in Lafayette CA named The Cotton Patch.   The class was on making impressionistic landscapes ...  I chose a scene showing the lighthouse at Ocracoke Island, in North Carolina...  and here's my little quilt...

I still need to put a blinding on it...  it was lots of fun...  taught by Denise Oyama Miller, a California quilter.  I don't think I will become world famous from this type of quilting!

and now back to my linen quilting...  I am soaking two beautiful linens I just bought on eBay - oh my they are gorgeous - but the soaking water is nasty !!!

Happy Sunday Quilting,


1 comment:

Empty Closet Quilting said...

Your landscape is so pretty! I love stretching my skills and creativity, even if I keep making quilts in my same-old style, it's nice to try to keep it fresh!

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