Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Toys and Lazy Sundays

Hello my friends...

Today I have a new toy to share with you.

I don't know if it's just me, but I find cutting a truly square block the very hardest thing to do, especially if the block size is larger than my rulers, or is an unusual size.  

And, since I do a fair amount of applique, I just MUST be able to cut a block square... darn it ! 
I took a wonderful class in New York with quilter and teacher Sharon Stroud  (hi, Sharon)   about rotary cutter techniques - and I got a LOT better - but I still am always on the lookout for just the right tool.

So, last week I sprang for this beautiful box:

Even if there was nothing in it, I would want the box - gorgeous, isn't it?

It's Karen Kay Buckley's tool, called "  Perfect Square ".  

Inside the box are lots of pieces of cut plastic that snap together to make a ruler the size you want it to be...  almost any size...  with a cut out in the center... so it looks like this:

 In the center, you thread some strong thread or string through some holes, so you get a perfect X for the center of the block. 

After trimming, a perfectly square, centered block !!!

I have a few more to go !!!  And this isn't even all of them!  This is Sue Garman's design called "Sarah's Revival"... 
Can't wait until they are all neatly trimmed...  yippee............................

I've also been playing with these:

oh I do love crumb blocks, and I love them even more with black to set them off !  

What will I do with these next?  I really don't know... stay tuned.

Happy Quilting,



Pattilou said...

Ah ha! Now I know how you set that cute crumb quilt!

Sharon Stroud said...

Hi, Kathleen! Thanks for the shout-out! Hope all is well with you and that not blogging as often means you are having way too much fun and have no time to do so! (That's my story and you are welcome to use it too!) Miss you!

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