Sunday, July 19, 2015

Progress and a bit more Progress

Hello everyone - hope you are enjoying a nice summer !

I have been sewing like a woman gone mad -

Significant progress on this white linen quilt.  I am trying to get the structural work all done, and then will go back and do detail work.  
 I love this design - so big, bold, and fun to stitch:

The center design has a lot of 'over/under dimension to it...

 and there is still lots of cross-hatching to be stitched down !!!  That seems to be taking forever, and  as you see, is not finished yet !
Overall, though, I am very pleased with this piece, and enjoying seeing it move forward !
Oh - before I go - Mystic wanted to say hi -  He is chillin'................

Enjoy all the stitches !!



Empty Closet Quilting said...

The stitching on the white linen is AMAZING!!

Rebecca Grace said...

Wow -- this is all hand quilting, isn't it? I love what today's long arm quilters are doing, but it doesn't hold a candle to masterful hand quilting like yours. Slow and steady -- it's worth every stitch! :-)

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