Monday, July 4, 2016


Well -

Today I celebrate my ancestor Caleb Savage........  I just recently learned of my connection to Mr. Savage.  He is an ancestor on my Grandmother's side of the family.

Caleb was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War.

I grew up in Eastern Virginia,  so the chances are good that one is kin to someone who fought in that War...  but it feels really good to make the connection.

How did I find that out?  Quilting, naturally...... online in a Yahoo room, someone mentioned the Daughters of the American Revolution, and I wrote about my family history...  and that I couldn't get far enough back to know if I was kin to a War Patriot or not.......

So, that person took my information, and did some research , and found the connection to Caleb Savage.

Now I have to find the documentation to prove each step of the lineage before it becomes official.  We'll see how that goes.

But, today , I look at the little flag in my yard a bit differently.....  and wonder how Caleb imagined the future of America....... and somehow, the first Independence Day seems more real now......

And, I reflect a bit, just a bit, on the fact that we must never think, as Americans, that we have the "best" government, that we are "special" over others...  we must work to respect people of various heritages and religions, and to have better relationships with other countries.  And to respect our planet.  We must acknowledge the mistakes our country has made in the past so as not to make similar ones in the future.  And that will require us all to be involved - in lots of ways.........

So, Happy Independence Day  !



Sue R said...

Through genealogy, I also found out that I had an ancestor in the Revolutonary on the British side. The family left though after the war and settled in Canada. I have the same feelings of patriotism as you but for Canada

Anonymous said...

Well said. We are not better, just different. Down the path of xenophobia lies first random physical violence and then...well, war,.
Love your quilting and read your blog regularly.

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