Monday, August 29, 2016

Guests and Good News !

Greetings !

Good news on several quilty fronts :

1.  My linen quilt just got juried  into the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza !!!  hooray.  Now I must put on a hanging sleeve....  (somehow it seems like jinxing a quilt to sew on the hanging sleeve until it is accepted in a show to hang , so I wait, and then do it at the last minute - lol !)

2.  I just got home from a four-day quilt retreat - got soooooo much done, ate too much, slept some, and for four wonderful days did not hear the names Hillary or Donald............. 

3.  I've been selected as a Board member of the Northern California Quilt Council.  I am very excited.  NCQC works to support and elevate quilters across Northern California, and to support local quilt guilds.  I think this is going to be a lot of fun. 

on the non-quilty side:  we have COMPANY:

Her name is Evie.  She was rescued by firemen in a drain pipe under a 10-lane freeway.  Now she is in the hands of are her "intake fosters".  We are giving her the first safe, comfortable place to be.  She had a choice between sleeping in her carrying cage or a cardboard box - she chose the box (works every time)... and has a couple of friends to keep her company.  She weighs 1.1 pound ! 

Even with the trauma she experienced, she is gentle and likes to be held.  She is very tired now, and just wants to sleep, especially with a full little belly.  She will likely perk up and play once she has slept and eaten her fill of both.  And tomorrow another kitten, a friend of hers, will join her so she will have real company. 

We will keep her a week, then she will be up for adoption.  Oh she will make a super-wonderful pet for some family. 



Barb H said...

Congratulations on getting your quilt accepted. I'm sure it will come home to you covered in blue ribbons! Love your new kittie! Is it difficult to foster the kitten and then have to give her up? I guess the alternative is to become an over-run Cat Lady! Besides, you want to share with others the joys of being a cat guardian.

The Quilting Elf said...

Congrat's on the quilt's selection and for your Board selection - and for selecting the foster kitty - lots of *selecting* going on at your house!
Kathy T. in Tampa

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