Sunday, August 12, 2018

Progress on the Tatted Linen Piece

This tatted linen piece is turning out to be lots of fun to sew on...  I love the contrast of the crisp white with the nice taupe linen.

I put some lovely feathers in the arc shapes down the edge and around the corners.

 and started working on the quilting in the linen on the sides and corners.  (disregard the blue pen - it will wash out)

Now I'm working on a nice design to go in the center of each circle.  An antique milk-glass button will go in the center of each of these designs.

AND - since I just must have something bright and fun going at the same time... a round robin i am doing with some quilty friends.  A friend started the bottom row, and i added the flying geese.
 and some tiny log cabins - logs of 1 inch.....
WHY?  I have no idea........... because I can, I suppose. 

Enjoy the last days of summer !



Louise said...

It's gorgeous! Do you prefer being called Kate, rather than Kathleen?

Kathleen said...

Hey there, Louise !!!

oh, it's a long story - for now, either is fine ! Thanks for visiting.

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