Monday, May 20, 2019

Yippee and Yippee Again !!!

Hello - -

Life is good for the Quilting Professor.............

First off, it's Commencement Season in the world of Universities.  As an administrator, I have to go to ALL the Commencement events.  This weekend I saw more than 2000 students walk across the stage and get degrees.  In one morning I shook hands with about 900 of them, and I smiled and said "congratulations" until my cheek muscles hurt !!!  But it is all good, every foot-aching part of it !!!

Secondly, my quilt title "Annabelle's Wedding Feast" came home with a ribbon AND a prize check !

Here's a photo of the ribbon on my kitchen table:

Quiltfest Lancaster, a Mancuso show, had a "throwback" theme... and allowed quilts to be entered that were past the usual 3-year time limit.  Annabelle has won several ribbons before, but she was aging out of competition.  I was so thrilled to send her out again -

and, speaking of "throwback" - what could be more in the spirit of throwback than a quilt made from a piece of linen that is probably 80 or more years old!!!

Here's a photo of Annabelle herself (sorry if you are tired of seeing her, don't tell her or she will get her feelings hurt)

There is a THIRD reason the Quilting Prof is real happy, but this post grows long now, so I will save that for another post - -

til then,  quilt on !



Louise said...

She's a beauty queen for sure, and has the ribbons to show for it! I recently saw where someone had stitched all their ribbons into a pillow top. Thought that was a fun way to display them :)

Carol E. said...

Well, aren't you the humble little professor. You did not confess that this quilt won a BLUE ribbon for BEST!! Congratulations, and wowzers! You (and she) deserve this great prize.

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