Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Moving, with Cats

Well - you may wonder if we got moved to the East Coast ???? YES

We are moved,  two humans and two cats....... small miracle.

We decided to fly because everyone agreed that 4-5 days of driving would be just too stressful on the cats, and too many risks of getting loose or getting hurt or sick.

So, god bless Delta airlines, we all flew........... but it was a BUMPY ride !

Flight day dawned, and we all started with a little group yoga session, thinking good thoughts about calm journies through the world of TSA.  And, in the cages they went !

 My little girl "Bit" was going to be the calm one, I knew it.  She is brave and trusts us to take care of us.  She will be fine.

 You can see the stress on Mystic's face.  He is a sweetie, but doesn't react well to change.  I worried that he might bolt at security and run off never to be found.  I tried hard not to let them see my nerves.  Breathe in and out, slowly.  

We knew the TSA screening would be tricky - but when we turned the corner in the TSA line and came face to face with DOGS - sniffing DOGS ---

The dog handler looked at us and said firmly - Turn ARound.  Go Back the Way you Came.  And suddenly there were three security agents escorting us through security ...
We all got through, thank goodness, but my computer got left behind............  

On board, here we go. 

DH was sitting quietly in his seat, when suddenly, Sweet Girl Bit reached out and clawed him, and he looked down and saw THIS::::

oh m goodness, a breach..............she had chewed through the leather mesh on her cage.  She was totally determined to get out, and was making progress !  the rest of the flight we had to stick our hand or foot in that hole to stop further escape from happening !

After the flight, we all spent a night in a lovely Drury Inn in Atlanta.  As you can see, Mystic was completely comfortable, lol.

Pretty soon, a day later, we were all driving up the mountain to our new home.

And now kitties are home.  They like the sewing room , you can see them here trying out the sewing chair and the couch.

Now there is UNPACKING to do ! 



Louise said...

What a wild adventure! Glad your kitties made it through all that stressful travel. Change is hard for cats, for sure. I hope they love their new home :)

swooze said...

😳😮 So much for Bit not causing trouble! Glad everyone got moved safely.

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