Friday, May 22, 2020

Hands2Help Another Year !!!

Hello everyone !

Well, very few things are "normal"  this year, but it feels good when something just goes ahead as usual.

I have participated in Sarah's Hands2Help for all the years it's been going, so I am doubly happy to finish three quilts this year.  They will go to quilts for the Happy Chemo program, and they went to the post office this morning.

This year's quilts are a bit rustic, probably good for boys or teens.  They were made from squares that were given to me by a neighbor lady... She had kept these squares for many years in a shoebox.  Well, they are out now, and on their way to work., hooray (but there's still a bunch in the box !!!)

Purple and green squares !

Blue squares and Stars
 Congratulations, Sarah, on another year of H2H !!!!



Louise said...

Such different designs from the simple squares! Super finishes, Kathleen. I'm sure they will be well loved by the final recipients :)

Sharon Tucker said...

These quilts are great! I love that you used darker, more saturated colors <3

Sarah Craig said...

Love these quilts! (And yes, it's amazing how those squares seem to grow even as you use them!) Thanks for being part of Hands2Help 2020!

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