Friday, September 2, 2011

Fence o' Quilts

Hello hello on a fine Friday before a Holiday Weekend!!!
These lovely cuties are for the Wrap-A-Smile Foundation, which sends quilts along with medical teams who travel abroad to do facial restoration surgeries for children.

The 9-patch blocks were donated from qulters on the Yahoo Sunshine Quilt Guild, in honor of a beloved member, Bev Bennett of Alaska, who passed away... more than 1200 blocks were collected...

EGAD - DID SHE SAY 1200 BLOCKS - YES SHE DID - lots of people loved Bev!

..............and, no, I don't have to finish them all - this is my 'share' here.

So - these are just a small part of the project - but I do love the way they look all hanging on the fence...

..............hope some little one loves them , too!

Have a fabulous quilty weekend...


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