Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hi everyone;;;

You know that commercial where the lady is looking at the label on cat food and turns up her nose and says "ewwww, chicken by-products" her cat is going to be damaged by a little bit of chicken head, or eyeball...............  the same cat that would eat a whole mouse in a second, or a lizard, or some weird bug................. I promise you, most kitties think by-products are Yum, Yum!!

Well, I've been thinking about quilts...  especially scrap quilts...  in a way -  they are like by-products...  made from the left-over part...  So, on that lovely thought, here is what I assembled yesterday from my string scraps:  

You will remember these blocks from a few posts ago:

Well, assembled, they turn into this bright and cheery look.  
And, the bonus triangles from the corners are very very cute made into pinwheels:
A friend has sent the Quilting Professor a precious gift from Salzburg, home of Mozart;  this tiny violin , bow, and case... and, yes, that is a 2.5 inch square it is laying on.  It's just adorable.  thanks, great friend. 

So, the day is just beginning here on the west coast - I must tidy up a bit as the cleaning lady comes tomorrow (lord bless the cleaning lady).... and must work on a couple of charity quilts that need to be finished and sent to their new homes.  And, of course.... a bit more work with the by-products to move forward on the lovely yellow flimsy.

Happy Sunday quilting,

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Pattilou said...

Oh those by products! Totally addictive to see what the surprise outcome of them will be!! I love the new quilt you are making. Great idea. I just may borrow that idea!!! With the yellow it almost looks like Christmas ornaments.

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