Thursday, October 6, 2011



And one of these has quite a story::

The story begins in NORTH CAROLINA - when I lived there, our Linus Quilt group was given enormous quantities of denim by Cone Mills . Cone is a long-time NC textile mill.   It was all legs of jeans - just legs...  with side seams and hems at the top and bottom of the legs, and a big metal ring in it to hang it up.  Turns out they make up legs in all the various colors of denim to use when they are selling their products - and then later they discard all those legs - so we got boxes and boxes of legs...  I took home FOUR GIGANTIC BOXES of legs!!!!

So, not long after, I moved - and moved four boxes of denim legs  - to New York!  While we lived there, I cut all the legs up, discarding the hems, and made lovely 6 1/2 inch strips, with the side seam down the center of the strips... yummy for quilts.  So now it was only THREE BINS of strips of legs!!! 
..... and I made 4-5 quilts using that denim, mixed with other fabrics to keep the quilts moderate weight.

Well - then we moved to CALIFORNIA - and the denim came west...and now this quilt has emerged from the denim bins... to be donated to the local guild - perfect for a teen..  (oh my, there's plenty of denim left - I better get busy) .  I truly think I can make denim quilts for another 20 years before I run out - but oh they are so very warm and snuggly, and rough and tumble for daily use..

 I also got this small top quilted up for the Sunshine Yahoo Guild - someone else made the top - I think it's quite pleasing... still have to sew down the binding... 
So - that's my finishes for now...  meanwhile I am closing in on finishing the top of the Bonnie Hunter Roll, Roll Cotton Bowl quilt...  I have vowed to work on it a bit every day til its done - and I am getting very close - just one more border to put on... 

I've been thinking a lot lately about my UFOs...  somehow I manage to finish all these donation quilts, but my larger, more substantial pieces are not getting completed... hmmm - need to give that some serious thought...  stay tuned and I'll tell you when I get that figured out. 

Happy Quilting, everyone,

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Nanci said...

This reminded me of getting legs also. I made christmas stockings out of them and used fabric paint for decorations. I also made cushion covers for the cottage, but now am recycling them into zippered bags. Honestly they just never wear out!

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