Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Fun Fun !!!!

I got home today in time to see UPS leaving me a box... fabrics from Jenny Beyer!!!!

 Aren't they yummy???? I chose the border, and asked the staff at Jenny Beyer to pick out the rest - didn't they do fabulous!!!! I'm using them for a very special class in May - soon I'll tell you all about it!!

So, after I petted those lovely fabrics, I put these blocks up on the wall - a friend from the Sunshine Yahoo Group did a scrap challenge - she sent out scraps in one color way and the recipient had to make blocks, and then return them to her to make charity quilts...  it was a small envelope of scraps, but it made a  whole lot of blocks!!!!  I tried not to think about the bins of scraps I already have - it was a lot more fun to sew her scraps!!!

And - oh - oh - next week I get to go on ........................................
More about that later!!

Happy Quilting...



Marjorie said...

First off, "Yummy" was the exact adjective that jumped in my head when I saw the photo, so I giggled when I read it in your text. Secondly, playing with other people's scraps is nearly always more fun than your own.

Pattilou said...

Absolutely fabulous fabrics from Jenny Byer. Can't wait to see how you use them.

Your color challenge with the scraps is so inventive. Love your work!

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