Monday, February 11, 2013

Moving On

Hi everyone - - I think I better pop up a new post quick, to get rid of that disgusting post about Mystic's taaaaaaapewooooorrrrm............. so here goes.

Here is the mighty Mystic himself, on a little charity top - I have no idea how I got a Thomas panel, or where it came from, but it's a flimsy now!  He likes it - why not, he's a little boy...

 I often photo a little charity quilt on the hardwood floor, mainly so as not to constantly pester DH to hold up a quilt - well that was B.C, otherwise known as Before Kittens ... 

Now, just lay it down a minute, and a game of Jump 'n Slide begins instantly... sooo fun...

My new George quilting machine is a fabulous new adventure - sometimes I feel like I am driving a semi truck...  little by little I am getting more comfortable - am quilting charity quilts like mad to practice on it and get comfortable...will keep you posted.

and.... I just love this pineapple pattern - it's Pineapple Crazy by Bonnie Hunter, in her most recent book.   These are 5 inch blocks - so fun, so fun... using up my tiniest scraps...

the best part??? DH volunteered to remove all the paper -  I promise you he did not know how big this quilt is supposed to be - but I am going to downsize it from the Bonnie Hunter hugeness...  there will still be lots of pineapples to sew together - and lots of little pieces of paper to remove!!!

Meanwhile, quilting is my sanity - work is crazy, and higher education is simply a tough place to work now, with the never-ending budget reductions...  just hard to keep your enthusiasm going.. 


Everybody take care,


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Sharon Stroud said...

I'm going to make this comment count big time! Congratulations on having a quilt in Road to California! That is so exciting!

Congratulations on George following you home. You are already so prolific at machine quilting that I cannot imagine how many more flimsies will become Flimsy-nots. You are an inspiration!

Sorry about the tough times at work. Seems to be a lot of that going around, though mine is not work=related--I'm going to go cover my head for a bit and think of nice things--like cats, dogs, quilting, my friends.

Miss seeing you!

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