Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good morning, and Happy Saturday....
I plan to have two fabulous quilty days this weekend.

I'm working hard on my quilts made from vintage linens...  here's a few updates:

The Madeira linen table runner is getting detail work... the cross-hatching around the edge - shown here...

 is becoming much more detailed, in the "Seven Treasures of Buddha" pattern - I just love how this looks...  much more to do... 
and the outside work on the gray  Radiance fabric, shown underway in this photo, is now finished.  Today I can make the binding for the piece, trim it up, and put on the binding, which is always a fabulous moment!
MEANwhile at the Ranch....  I started another project!  
This is a Damask table topper.  I am just doing the 'bones' work at the moment - outlining the original design (those colors are in the original piece).   Then I will have to figure out what else to do, and what to do on the underlayment...  this is the stage of each of these where I decide I don't like it - and then later I fall in love...  so, right now we are just reluctant daters!
 Hmmm, that center screams for something nice...  no ideas yet.......

MEANWHILE - this piece, called "Mystic Glacier", waits to know if it has been juried into the "Road to California" show - notifications on December 1.  This is also made from a piece of damask - this time a napkin. 

And the real "Mystic" watches from his favorite perch high above it all.   Not MY favorite place for him to be, mind you..  the Teddy Bears on the left were tucked up there to hide them FROM him, cause he tries to eat them... now I'll have to take down those ceramic pieces, cause this is a recipe for disaster...  but, if you know cats, you know nothing stops a climber from climbing! 

Well, I'm off to sew - a mix today of working on these very detailed pieces, and knocking out some small charity quilts that I love to sew on so very much...  let's see, I think I will send DH out to do grocery shopping, get the car tires checked, stop by the dry-cleaners, hmmm, what else can I put on his list?  

Off I go.  have a great day!


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