Thursday, November 21, 2013

One Day in the Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade - the year my breasts grew...  and I was kissed for the first time. 

and the President was killed.

We were at recess when they called us in and told us he had been shot... it just couldn't be possible.

Oh, he was handsome, and smart - and rich... and Jackie was so beautiful and so talented.  But they were also good... they cared about people, we believed. 
The next four days I spent glued to the television, watching every moment of the pageant and the sorrow...

the muffled drumbeats and the clopping horse hooves down the silent streets...
the long walk over the bridge to Arlington
The heartbreaking step-by step procession down the steps of the capitol.

It was just all too sad... to this day I don't imagine how Jackie was able to even stand up, let alone lead her children, and inspire a nation. 
Such a sad remembrance. 


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