Sunday, February 9, 2014

Workshop Fun !!!!

Hi everyone:   Feast your eyes on these lovelies:

Aren't they just yummy?   They are pieces by Cindy Needham ( .  I just spent five days at a workshop by Cindy, a wonderful workshop on Designing quilting, both for quilting pieced tops and for wholecloth quilts, or, for me, for linen wholecloth quilts. 

It was fabulous.  Quilt, eat, shop, learn, eat, shop, quilt.  Laugh often.  Make new friends.

 That's Dorothy - great, great lady.  And a new friend from Florida. 
 Here's some design work in progress - that's Cindy in the purple jacket - I think I caught her in a rare moment without a smile on her face!

Cindy again - at work.  We learned a lot, but she still knows a lot more - shucks!!

I'm so glad to have had this opportunity - great, great fun.  I learned so much - my skills got better, my inspiration was raised...

And I did a couple of small pieces that I will share soon, after I unpack, which will take a while, I fear!

Take care everyone.


1 comment:

Helen in the UK said...

I bet you had an amazing time and came back with a head buzzing with ideas and info. I've just done Cindy's Craftsy course and felt a little like that, so 5 days of time in person is stunning :)

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