Sunday, May 11, 2014

Look Who Came Out to Play !

Happy Saturday to all - it's five minutes to midnight here, and I stayed up late for some quiet time in my sewing room.

I moved tons of fabric around today - stash got moved from bins to fill empty spots on the shelf (hooray for empty spots that used to be full).... crumbs got made into blocks ... blocks got bordered and ironed.... strips got made into a quilt top............. lots of stitching, power stitching.

And then, suddenly, my Bernina just wasn't sewing right, and nothing I could do would fix the tension...  So, it was time for a servicing anyway, so off it went to the repair guy...

But there was more to stitch - so I went to my 'fleet' and brought a new friend out to play...

It's a Bernina Nova... made in Switzerland, between 1982 and 1985.  Isn't it just too cute?  I found it on eBay about a year ago.  But the time it came I was stressed out about something, and learning a new machine wasn't in the cards, so I put it away... til today
These were designed to be portable machines - see the Jetson's handle on top?  It has a very nifty case that literally wraps around the machine... but the case was lost on mine, so I am still searching for a case. 
This funky little orange mushroom is the foot pedal - it works on compressed air... it's a little strange, but very sensitive after you get used to it... 
a closer look.  If you saw that alone, you would never think it went to a sewing machine, would you?
Well, it did just beautifully - and I gradually learned it's various nobs.  A beautiful stitch. 

The machine has a great reputation for being very sturdy and running for years and years - sounds good to me!

It's so nice to have backup machines...  I'm glad I had the opportunity to get acquainted with this one today!

Happy Mothers Day to anyone who is a mother ....  my kitties think I am their mother, so I am going to bed and dreming of the breakfast they will make me in the morning and serve to me .... 

off to sleep am I !!


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Mad about Craft said...

I have got a Nova, had it for my 18th birthday in 1979, so your machine could be a little older than you think.

It is still going strong, other than it can no longer wind bobbins as there is a broken bit & it wasn't able to be replaced, although I am still hoping!

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