Sunday, March 15, 2015

Progress on Big Projects

Hello everybody - I hope it's a nice spring day wherever you are .... 

I took a minute this afternoon to take some photos of big projects that are slowly moving forward, so here goes:

The quilt that one day will be called "Bodega Bay - is in the "thread sucking" phase.  I just sew and sew and sew and sew, and there's still a vast amount to do.................

This stage is not the most flattering - lots of bulging and bumping, but soon enough that will all be stitched down - just you wait and see !

onward !!!!

The next big project is this Bonnie Hunter Mystery from last year...  today it got all laid out for sandwiching and pinning....  I love pinning on these tables - but it will take a while to get it done. 

and this small linen piece is nearing completion - -
 I just have more beads to sew on, but don't they just sparkle????
Happy Sunday, everybody !!!! 


Barb H said...

Beautiful work, Kate, as always!

Empty Closet Quilting said...

Wow! You have been been busy. Such great work!

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