Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Update

Hello everyone - seems like I have gotten into a routine of posting on Sunday - the day I usually have the most flexible time at home.  This is an extremely busy time of year in the professorial business, so weekends at home are precious, and are made even more special due to the many evening engagements I must attend.

So - Friday I took the day off - and guess what I did - I had a three-day Quilty Retreat at my comfy home....  here's the travelogue of "what I did on my Quilty Retreat"  :

"Bodega Bay "  got a LOT of attention...  it's starting to look like a linen quilt !!

I started working on the grid work - the Cathedral Windows effect  is a favorite of mine, and will make the background seem to recede behind the stemwork embroidery...
 and two of the basket corners were all stitched now - my goal is to enhance the original embroidery - so I want the surrounding area to recede, so lots of stitching. 
Several charity quilts jumped up and demanded my attention: 
a little string kids top got quilted and bound

another quilt by a fellow quilter is halfway quilted.
 and these crumbs found their way into a top... 
and finally, although very much not 'least'  - -
I started assembling this "Sarah's Revival"  applique quilt (design by Sue Garman).

In the process of assembling, I realized I am two blocks short !!!  Actually I had suspected as much... 

So, I have to figure out how to solve that little problem...  (just make two more blocks, dummy)... but which two? 

Well, there's a little bit of Sunday left - let me go see what else I can get done - or - maybe I will try to FINISH something - now there's a novel idea !!!!



Vicki W said...

What a treat to have your own private 3-day quilt retreat! You made tons of progress. Your linen quilt is going to be stunning.

Karen said...

Bodega Bay is beyond gorgeous!! Glad you had some sew time.

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