Sunday, June 28, 2015

Born at Retreat

Hello everyone, and happy days of summer..........  The Quilting Professor is finally on a lessened, summer schedule.  I am on a 12-month contract, so work goes on, but at a much more relaxed pace.

So - let the sewing kick into high gear ...............

A few weeks ago I went to my first ever quilting retreat - in charming Auburn, CA, with the extraordinary quilter and teacher Cindy Needham.  It was a fabulous four days of sewing, eating, laughing, and relaxing. 

Mostly I worked on that pile of "in progress" stuff - and made some headway, but no finishes...

But there was a START  - ie., to me, it feels like a 'birth', thus the title of this post.

oh my, this is a lot of fun !!!

This linen is a piece of Madeira linen, which has become my favorite.  I found it on eBay.  It was in pristine condition.  It is mounted on a piece of gold Hoffman Radiance. 

Stay tuned for more photos !!

(and yes, I have another one in progress.... no its not finished.....  I just needed a break from it.....)



Sandra Walker said...

Wow, that Madeira linen--!! My good friend Judy, of Quilt Paradigm, took a class with Cyndy and did a stunning quilt...has a new love affair with linen now too! eBay, who knew...yours is looking gorgeous so far.

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