Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Meant to Be ????

Hi there -

I share another area in my soon-to-be home.............  the lower floor, aka walk-out basement.  All the furniture in these photos is that of the sellers. 

The original builders of this home were so very smart - although they originally only finished the upper floor, they put lots of good windows in the walk-out basement so it would be nice when it was finished........... let's do this in quadrants.  Quadrant 1and 2:  the barn - the couple was from Pennsylvania, and they brought these planks from the family farm in Amish country and made this lovely area. 

Look at this light over the pool table.  Now, who wants a big ol' light like that hanging down in the middle of the room ?????  I DO - can you say CUTTING TABLE GOES HERE????  

 Third quadrant:  bay-style window overlooking the hill and the park.  Perhaps I will sew in this area.   Do you see the Janome on the table?  I figured she was a quilter, but there was no stash, no tools, no cutting area........... she had thoroughly sanitized the house of all clutter (so sorry those things fall under clutter, boohoo- a little stash would have made me happy !

 Quadrant four:  sitting area, and steps to the upper floor. 
Next door to this large open room is a guest bedroom.  I have thought about perhaps imprisoning a quilter down there and making them finish UFOs and sew crumb blocks, and only giving them Cheeto's and peanut M&M's to eat.  Anybody want to apply for the job?  

There is also a lovely bath, and the "resource" room (aka woodworking shop) shown in my last post.
I knew we were buying the house when I went downstairs.  Who cares about the rest of the house?

Kate (aka Kathleen)


patty a. said...

I will take the job and work for Cheetos and M&M's! LOL!!! Looks like you will have lots of wall space for design walls and those shelves will come in handy. That will be a wonderful sewing room!

Louise said...

I will bring my own Cheetos for the chance to work on UFOs in that space! Gosh, what a beautiful layout. The thought of setting up a quilting studio there must make you feed giddy :)

Carol E. said...

We call Cheetos "carrots" at my house. Therefore they are healthy! And same with peanut M&Ms -- Legumes! I take the job and will happily do your UFOs and crumbs.

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