Thursday, July 4, 2019

Suggestions ????

This is one of the rooms in my new house.  The former owner did woodworking, and built this room for woodworking when they finished the lower level of the house.  
DH doesn't want the room - oh i am so disappointed   (not )  😁

It's on the lower floor - a beautiful walk-out basement with great windows, and a fabulous view.  There's already a large room for quilting, a family room, a guest bedroom, a bath, and a utility room.  
The quilt room/family room is one large space, so it will need to stay halfway presentable - but only half way !  

So - I am thinking this will be my quilty office /materials/etc.  A resource room, if you will.

I want a a desk and a bulletin board;  
shelves for deep stash;
a place to store my wall hanging -sized quilts either rolled or hanging;
a cabinet for tall stuff;
wire drawers for 'stuff''...
counter space for quilts that are being collected or are waiting for something.......

Ideas?   thoughts?   I'm thinking all these benches and the lights have to be demo'd, and then start fresh..........  oh i can't wait to tear into this room !

Happy quilting !

Kate ,  aka Kathleen


Vicki W said...

What a wonderful bright space! What a great opportunity to start with a clean slate.

Louise said...

Yeah, I think you want to tear out the existing "furniture" and start with a big, empty space. That way you're not trying to work around someone else's crafty vision. Think about modular systems, maybe from Ikea? Something where the shelves can be adjusted and bins/drawers can be added and removed. That way you aren't locked into an unchanging set up. You might find down the road that you need a lot more tall storage, for instance, so removing shelves from a section would be great. Fabric storage seems to be really dynamic for me. One year I want to sort everything by color, then later I want to sort by theme or size.

What an exciting opportunity! And that view!!

Carol E. said...

WOW!! My husband would love that woodworking space, but.. I'm not sending him to live with you, so I give you permission to repurpose this lovely space. I ditto what Louise said, because thinking of anything new is too hard for my brain. Can't wait to see pictures as you get it set up!

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