Sunday, October 18, 2020

Mount Mitchell



A few days ago, we headed out to find some lovely fall color.  The easiest way to do that was to head up in altitude.  Our house is at 2200 feet.  

Up and up we went, til we reached the top of Mount Mitchell, highest point on the East side of the United States.  The views were spectacular, and yes, you can see a bit of fall color, although we were just a few days before the real peak of color.  

                Mt. Mitchell was named after a college professor from the University of North Carolina.  In the 1930s, he attempted to get an accurate measurement for the height of this mountain using a barometer as his tool.  He calculated that this mountain was just a little bit taller than the famous Grandfather Mountain, which was then known as the highest mountain on the East coast.  So, no one would believe him when he said it was taller.  

So - he went back up on the mountain to make more calculations and to prove his measurements.  On the climb, he fell and died.  Today he is buried on the mountain top.  Later, scientists confirmed that Mount Mitchell was, indeed the tallest mountain on the east side of the country.  

Enjoy the fall season wherever you live !



Louise said...

Aw, poor Elisha! He knew he was right, but didn't get the satisfaction of everyone ELSE knowing. Looks like a lovely view and I'm glad you had such a nice little jaunt :)

Beth H said...

Poor Mr Mitchell. No one would listen!
The views look wonderful. Enjoy your leaves changing.

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