Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are YOU failing scrap management?


although I did tidy this up before taking the pic... it was overflowing all over the floor - now it's just stuffed into this bin.

I have an image of this bin all cut up into the famous Bonnie Hunter scrap management system... and I DID buy all those rolling drawers, and labeled them by size... and they are nearly full... BUT I STILL HAVE ALL THESE SCRAPS.........&*()(*(*&(

and they are GROWING..........(*&)(*&)(*&)(*&

Actually, I guess I'm being too hard on myself, and will exercise the old Bell curve (knowing all of you have bins of scraps, too), and upgrade myself to a C..

So - on this beautiful lovely spring day - how about you? What grade will you give yourself on scrap management???? Come on now, it's time to fess up - Leave a comment and a grade...

A - almost no scraps - all cut up and put away

B - a pile of scraps smaller than shoebox

C - scraps bigger than a breadbox

D - scraps as big as a garbage can

F - scraps as big as Rhode Island

Happy Quilting



Lisa said...

I loved your post! I hate to admit it but I'm somewhere between a D and a F. :( I need to get busy on this!! But my problem, if it could be considered a problem, is that I have been getting lots of fabric donated and I need to process it. I used my birthdy money today to buy lots of new containers so I'm set. Now I just need to get everything organized and tidy!!!

Kathie said...

probably C but today I will be cutting from that scrap basket and making blocks and tumblers, stay tuned
great post!

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