Friday, March 12, 2010

Squares From the Past

Well, today I will tell you a beautiful story. The quilt on my design wall started with scrappy squares given to me by a dear friend named Steve. Steve's mother died recently, and while he was cleaning out some of her things, he found a small Whitman sampler filled with 1930's squares. At the bottom of the box was the small cardboard square that had served as a template.
Well, this would already be a good story, but it gets better. It turns out that these squares were not cut by Steve's mother, but by his GRANDMOTHER. His mother had gotten these squares when her mother had passed on. I believe the squares may have been original 1930s fabrics.
So, I have the squares (and the Whitman sampler box) now, and am putting them together into a quilt. I love thinking about the woman who originally cut these, and how she could never have imagined some unknown quilter would assemble them many years later.
So - this project needs a new acronym - not a PIGS (project in grocery sack) but a PIWS (project in Whitman sampler). I hope my work honors the woman who started this quilt so many years ago.


Lisa said...

Wow! Those blocks are so neat and I love the story behind them. How special to have been given these beautiful blocks to play with!!

08armydoc said...

Hello from Sunnieland! This is such a nice quilt, and a nice story - you'd never know these fabrics are 80 years old! They're not "typical" 30s fabrics, either! Beautiful setting


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