Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Furry Family, Part One

Well - it seems that most every quilting blog has a photo of a cat on it - well, we have TWO of them - and they are complete characters and rule the house. Today I will introduce you to George... he is a BIG (17 pounds) Maine Coon cat with a lot of ATTITUDE.

George is the son of a feral cat who lived in our neighborhood - and his Daddy had ATTITUDE, too! Let's just say George has LOTS of brothers and sisters in that neighborhood!

George has quite the cat vocabulary, and each morning he fusses at me quite vocally (I swear he says the f word) until I give him breakfast...

His favorite thing is to find something to put under his big, heavy head... so one time we put a skein of yard under his neck, and he loved it so that now he will hold up his head and beg for his personal neckrest, and then go off to sleep... what a job he has done training us to fulfill his needs!


Linda said...

George sounds wonderful.
Linda in WI

vivoaks said...

Saw your post on Quilters Who Care, and had to check out your blog. Absolutely LOVE what you're doing with the Whitman Sampler blocks. It's going to be beautiful. Also love your Maine Coon. And to top it off, I have a daughter named Kate!! Keep up the good work!!

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