Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quilt Show Choices

Hello Everyone!!

And Happy Saturday afternoon!

I'm picking quilts today - choosing what to enter in the upcoming Amador Valley Quilt Guild Quilt Show... the date for entries is soon...

Here's my first choice: it's hand quilted and hand pieced - from a class taken in Upstate New York with Sharon Stroud.

The second one is a Mystery Quilt sponsored and run by Kris Driessen of The Quiltbug Quilt Shop in Esperance, New York. It was an online Mystery on SuperBowl Sunday a couple of years ago. I believe this is Kris's design...

And from yet another class: a little pineapple wall piece from a class at Quilter's Corner in Ithaca New York. When I started this I thought the colors were gaudy and hideous - and then it turned out to be gorgeous and I love it! Go figure.

And, last but not at all least is this Mariner's Compass that I started in a class with Judy Niemeyer at New Pieces Quilt Shop in Berkeley, only a few days after moving to California - I was amazed I coluld find sewing machine and notions, but knew I could not miss the opportunity to take Judy's class. This one has yet to be sandwiched or quilted, but I think I have time before the quilt show. (disregard the weird look on the bottom edge - it doesn't really look like that.

Well, that's my eye candy for today...
I also found time this weekend to start my hexagon quilt - - stay tuned for pictures of the tiny seed that will grow to a humongous quilt, hopefully!
Happy Quilting,


Barb said...

I can see why it is so hard to chose, great quilts!

Karen said...

The Mariner's Compass quilt is a beauty. My first quilt class was to learn how to make a Mariner's Compass block. I was a beginner and asked the shop owner if a beginner would be able to do that. She said yes. Well, it was not a beginner class but I was able to accomplish making one.

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