Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That

Hello everybody - and a happy Thursday from San Francisco Bay... a beautiful cool, crisp summer day... and all is right with my world.
I have been happily sewing on several projects... The first one is - - OMG - it's a KIT !!!
Why did I buy a KIT???? Well, because I liked it, of course... I found it on ebay - and snapped it up to make a Christmas present for my sister..

My sister has one quilt of mine - a very old and very early utility quilt - just BIG four-patches... she borrowed it once and fell in love with the cool comfort of sleeping under 100% cotton - a joy we all know... Well, it's time she got some more 100% cotton, but a bit more lovely --- this still needs borders, and, oh yes, quilting... it's only June, after all..

I did a few blocks for the Sunshine block lottery - July is 'novelties', my favorite month - I buy this novelty stuff and then don't use it, so love digging it out... this has sharks on it... not often i need shark fabric!

Then there's "Quilts for kids" - one from my stash, made from Lotto blocks, actually...

and one from Quilt for Kids Fabrics - I love these colors... these just need washing and then are ready to mail...

So - I'm just as happy as a pig in mud...

and I'm gonna go 'waller' in it some more

Happy Summer Quilting,



Marjorie said...

I never really got the "kit" thing until this spring when I shop-hopped with a friend who is a kit buyer. There are times that it just "don't get better than this". (Unless, of course you are like me and think the fabric selection IS the BEST part of making a quilt). Yours is a great pattern and great colors! Enjoy.

Pattilou said...

The kit is turning out so well. The nice thing about kits is that you don't need to figure out the fabric combinations--I guess. Never done a kit, but I am doing a BOM which is much the same--the thinking is done! I too have many novelties. They go farther than I think they will. Guess I'll make a few more for sunshine. It's fun to just do a block or two.

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