Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oh, the lovely hazy late afternoon of a South Carolina summer day - -

(nope, I'm not in California - am in SC to visit family at the beach...

Today I journeyed out to the lovely, charming town of Conway, South Carolina, founded in 1732, just up the river from Charleston. It's a town full of grand old Live Oak trees, dripping with Spanish Moss... a bustling down town, a charming RiverWalk... we had a little history, a little lunch, and a little bit of a - you guessed it - Quilt Shop !!!!

So now I'm back at Myrtle Beach, where I am enjoying not putting on work clothes, not being at the office by 8:00, not getting any 'emergency' calls, not working through a pile of papers... just sand, and sea, and fun - - going to a Pirate show tonight with the family children... fun!

(to all would-be robbers: DH is home with a gun and a big dog!!)

...... and Blogger is eating the photos - oh well...

Happy Quilting everyone,


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