Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flittin Like a Honey Bee

oh my, my, but I am having so much fun with so many different projects going...  I just jump from one to another... want to jump with me????? here we go:

Some little 1.5 inch squares made some blocks like this:  cute, cute... what will they be when they grow up?  I have no idea.

 I just HAD to make some 9 patches out of some more of the 1.5inch squares.  How will they be used??    No clue.
 and some adorable little 4-patches with black as the 'neutral' - how will I use them...  ????
 Quilting away on this - tiny pebbles and microstippling... i love it.  (Greta Gamma design)
 and just putting this one together... next step is to sandwich and then stitch around the white design - that's the fun part! (same designer)
 and I've been studying for Asilomar - Judy Collins book - she expects us to come prepared to jump right in - what else would one expect from someone who does such beautiful, precise work?

 but this page gave me a headache...

 tidied up blues and yellows - love it!

 tidy blues and greens - oh my goodness - a space on the shelf - gotta go shop for more greens immediately!!
 rut roh - this part not tidy....

Happy Quilting everyone,


1 comment:

Anne said...

Tiny tiny squares! I just put together some 2" squares and those were pretty small!
My fabrics look mostly like your last picture, I really need someone to come and organize my quilting space!

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