Saturday, May 26, 2012

Packing for ASILOMAR!!

Yippee, I am packing for the Empty Spools Seminar at Asilomar, and a week of class with Judy Collins...............hooray, hooray!!

DH has decided to come along, so that will be great - he will swim and hike while I quilt..... and he will also TOTE STUFF!!!  yipee......
I am getting over my intimidation, and am now eager to begin...
And I found some of my quilts to be worthy of taking for show and tell...  this is a red letter moment - I have never shared my quilts in a show and tell before...  I have put some in shows, and lurked in the background to see people looking at them - but never held them up myself!!! 
So - I'm gonna jump right in -  here's what I am taking:

My favorite -

Shadow Trapunto - Geta Grama design - not yet finished!

My never-ending hexagon quilt

more shadow trapunto from Geta Gamma's book!

Original design -drafting  class with Karen Pervier, Greensboro NC.

Hand pieced and quilted, design by Sharon Stroud in Ithaca, NY

started in a class in Ithaca, NY - love the purple piping!

Mystery Quilt, Kris Driessen, Quiltbug, New York

Original Design - using Selvedges !!!

We drive down tomorrow morning - - - CLASS STARTS AT 4:00  -  YIPPEE!

Stay tuned for fabulous photos!!


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Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful quilts for show and tell. Have fun in your class. Thanks for sharing.

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