Sunday, June 10, 2012

More and More Tiny Geese

Oh boy have I been having fun continuing to build this small quilt, begun in a class with Sally Collins...

Three rows of the tiny flying geese are completed;  one more to go!!

I spent yesterday with Pat Speth of "Nickel Quilts" fame - you have probably seen her books... she was the speaker for our guild, and I really enjoyed being her host - she brought lots of quilts and books and patterns!   She did a great presentation, and is doing a workshop today for some of our quilters!  What a great community the quilting world is!

I'm also working on some blocks for a charity bloc lotto, and a binding on a small charity quilt, but no finishes there yet...  I must say I love doing the charity quilts just as much as my "better" work, it's all fun, isn't it????

The Tony Awards are on tonight - that means a nice couple of hours snuggles on the couch working on the hexagon quilt!!!  Heck, another year and that will be finished - just imagine what I can do with the time that is going into that quilt!!!  HA...

Happy Quilting,


1 comment:

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Amazing Kate ! How do you get those geese so small?

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